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Engagement on Social Media – Let’s start by clarifying the terms. What is engagement on social media? In English, it means “commitment”. And also we define it as the ability you have to attract followers to your social media accounts: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We are talking about engaged followers, not just visits. That is followers who, for example, on Facebook, share your posts, give you likes or make comments. That is followers who interact with you on your social networks.

How do we Measure it? When we have Good Engagement?

We can measure engagement on social media by dividing the number of all those interactions we’ve had (likes, comments, shares, mentions, etc.) by all the users who saw our post. And also now we multiply it by 100 to get a calculation. That is a ratio.

For this reason, companies need to improve their presence on social networks and try to reach the maximum number of users possible, but calling them is not enough. Moreover, given the enormous effort involved in running these users, companies need to improve their retention rates and get the most out of their investments in these social networks.

5 Keys to Improve the Quality of Engagement on Social Networks

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1. Be Interested in Your Community – Engagement on Social Media

It is past to think that the fans of a brand follow it only because it is known and has a name in the market. Hence if you want your community to follow you on social networks, you have to show interest in them and make them feel that your content is created with them in mind.

For this, it is essential that:

  • Ask what kind of content they are most interested in
  • Ask for their opinion on the content you publish
  • What topics would they like you to help them with?

2. Interact With Your Followers and Fans

Who does not like that a brand or company speaks to them or mentions them on social networks? So you have the cheese and the knife in your hand; what are you waiting for?

Nowadays, it is straightforward to interact with customers or fans, you have to take that step, and also you will see how they will love to feel that you pay attention to them.

3. Bet on More Visual Content

Visual content is increasingly important and is essential in an online marketing strategy, as it captures attention more quickly and is more attractive to users.

It would help if you bet on different types of visual content:

  • Images (3 or 4 per item)
  • Infographics (they are highly viral content)
  • Videos (very viral and will be the most critical content in the future)
  • Ebooks (very desirable and valued by the community)
  • Presentations

4. Be Consistent in the Publications – Engagement on Social Media

Today, with so much competition in social media, it is essential to be constant and have an optimal sequence of publications. Only then will you be capable of contesting your match.

But that doesn’t mean you have to post a lot of content a week. Quantity is not a sign of quality. It is better less and also that they are of value to your community.

5. Include Calls to Action Your Content

Another essential aspect when generating a dialogue between a brand and its community is to add a call to action in its publications. So if you want your followers to do something, ask them. But always in a correct way and without disturbing or being tiresome.

If you manage to involve your community in your posts, you will see how your engagement will increase. Considering these five public keys, we are going to give five more specific tips to increase interaction in different social networks.

Tips to Improve Engagement on Twitter

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Share Powerful Tweets

Work hard if you want to have more engagement on your twitter posts. Being successful on Twitter is not difficult; you have to have a well-defined strategy.

To do this, you should:

  • Use an optimal character extension
  • Use robust and related hashtags in tweets (increases the visibility and reach of the tweet)

Include images in every tweet (quality images and infographics)

Add emoticons (get attention and increase clicks)

  • Use Twitter Cards (enrich tweet information)
  • Includes call to action.

Be Constant in the Publications – Engagement on Social Media

One of the keys mentioned above applies to all social networks, but it is essential in the case of Twitter.

You must post every day, including weekends, and several times a day. Recommended, a frequency between 8 to 10 daily tweets.

  • Post at the best time: It is essential to know the best times to publish your tweets. To do this, you have to know the hours that your community is most active.
  • Include links: Several studies have confirmed that tweets with embedded links receive a higher volume of retweets. So do not forget to add the links in your publications.


Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes and comments for an online business’ social media efforts. Historically, the meeting has been a standard metric for evaluating social media performance but doesn’t necessarily translate to sales.