About – Voromotors

Voromotors: Inc. is an American company that manufactures, distributes, and sells electric scooters. Our mission is to empower personal travel last mile and as the primary mode of transport.

Voro Motors continues to make environmentally-friendly products accessible and affordable to more people, accelerating the promotion of clean transport. We aim to unlock the potential of zero-emission micro-mobility devices by delivering a new way of transportation.

Achievement of Goal – Voromotors

We are made up of a diverse collective of doers continuously introducing the modern way of commuting. Voromotors has amazing individuals, but it’s only through teamwork that achieves greatness. We’re committed to help our customer by working together with equal part humility and ambition.

  • Website: http://www.voromotors.com
  • Industries: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
  • Company size: 51-200 employees
  • Headquarters: Panorama City, CA
  • Type: Privately Held
  • Specialist: Electric Scooters and Electric bikes..
  • Locations:
  • About: Voro Motors is actively using 53 technologies for it website, according to Built With. These include SPF, Apple Mobile Web Clips Icon, and Content Delivery Network.

Review from Eddie E – Voromotors

100% the worst customer service/support I’ve ever received after purchasing their product. I started having issues within one year of purchasing a $1500 Emove Cruiser, and support did nothing except send me a new controller, which didn’t correct the issue after installation.

  • VOROMOTORS Overview
  • Website:: www.voromotors.com
  • Headquarters: Angeles, CA
  • Size: 51 to 200 Employees
  • Founded: 2017
  • Type: Company – Private
  • Industry: Motor Vehicle Dealers
  • Revenue: Less than $1 million (USD)
  • Competitors: Unknown

WHO IS VORO MOTORS?  – Voromotors

Voromotors started as a personal electric scooter retailer in Singapore. By serving one customer at a time and pushing quality boundaries, we soon raised to become the leading premium electric scooter company. However, due to the Singapore government shutdown on personal electric vehicles, we had to focus on other markets elsewhere.

Our mission is to turn alternative transport mainstream mode of transport through affordable electric scooters. We are made up of a diverse collection of doers that continuously reimagine the modern way of commuting. We have convinced many people that they can completely ditch their cars with the EMOVE Cruiser.

Manufacturing – Voromotors

We are heavily involve in manufacturing, from sourcing raw materials to setting up manufacturing processes and quality check processes with our Chinese partners. So, we do not just take a scooter frame and put a brand on it.

We have persuaded the public that you can forget about public transport with the EMOVE Touring during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also, we have set new standards for electric scooters by introducing car-grade tubeless tires.

Every new product also we create and service we introduce results from an entire team of people working together to strengthen each other’s ideas s

Over the years, we listened to our customer’s feedback and started our line of electric scooters, known as the “EMOVE”, to the world today.

Buyer Beware on Emove Cruiser and Voromotors

I purchased my Emove Cruiser in Nov 2021 online from the shop in LA. It arrived in NYC with issues. Missing screws, loose screws, and wires too short which would disconnect. The front brakes needed to be replaced. It began a continual series of issues and problems with the scooter, both minor and major. (Noted at the bottom)

While the Brooklyn shop tried to moderate these issues, I had to persuade and push them to do so. They continually tried to evade responsibility and sometimes did not correct an issue, or it left the shop with new issues. I don’t believe Voro Motors is out there intentionally trying to screw people, and I do believe they don’t want to stand behind their product and do not have the right trained technical repair staff, nor use good parts or a good build. They often suggested it was my riding style that caused the problems. For clarity, I ride it in the bike lanes here in NYC to commute to and from work.

Brief Explanation About Voromotors

Voromotors (1)

After the scooter arrived and they fixed the first issues, the front wheel, shock, and also shock mount fell right after the bolt holding the shock mount and the frame sheared off. Also, it was after repeatedly informing both places and LA shops that the scooter felt unsafe and too shaky, despite the frequent tightening of screws. So, they assured me everything was ok. Spoiler alert: It was not. Therefore as noted, the entire front wheel and shock section fell off, and they replaced it.

The rear wheel went flat, and also after finding no leaks, a local, well-respected scooter shop told me the wheel was rubbing against the rim and causing it to deflate. I took it to Brooklyn and informed them of the issue. They disagreed with the assessment. However, the tire was flat and had no leaks. They stretched the tire. Spoiler aware, it went flat again a few weeks later.

I’ve had to replace the rear brakes three times without having ridden the scooter much since Nov-March. Again, the shop suggested I was riding the brakes too hard, and I can tell you I was using the brakes naturally while driving the scooter in a bike lane.

Experienced Battery – Voromotors

The battery failed. After I was told it wouldn’t hold a charge, So, i brought it to the shop, and they told me it held a charge for them. So, i took it home, but the battery wouldn’t hold a charge! I took it back to the shop; they called me a few days later to say they had more experienced battery techs and confirmed the battery had failed.

In fact, after all this, the company has inform me that this $1500 scooter that can go 25MPH should not be ridden on uneven roads as that can damage the scooter. They also told me I was free to sell it to someone else If I was disappoint but also a very disappointing, exasperating situation, made company that must be dragg along to honour basic responsibility for repair and service.

I do not and can not in good conscience recommend this scooter or the company service.

Why Choose Voromotors

1. Outstanding Customer Service

Our entire team is dedicate to assisting you to continue with all your scooter needs. We want to ensure you have positive experience also with Voro Motor and enjoy your scooter ride worry-free! You can call 323-922-3329 (LA, daily 9 am-6 pm PST) or 929-999-5851 (NYC, daily 10:30 am-7:30 pm EST) or email us. We provide 24/7 live chat.

2. Fast and Free Shipping

Our Los Angele, CA, location is always stocked with electric scooters also which make shipping & handling fast and secure and also this delivery usually take between 2 to 5 business days.

3. Easy Financing & Product Protection

We offer unique financing solutions like Affirm, Shop pay to provide incredibly low monthly payments (US Only), an easy application process also even easier approval.

4. Repairs & Servicing

Servicing and maintenance for electronics and vehicles can be a pain, so also riders choose us to do it for them and also send your scooter to our LA or NYC location train technicians to address repairs and replacement needs!


And now, the front tire and shocks feel way too loose and unsafe again. I feel strongly completely these issues are due to poor parts, bad build, and bad tech. This scooter clearly can not be use in regular use, Whether you are looking for something to accompany your last-mile travel, long-range travel, or better yet, rug outdoor leisure use also we confidently find you the best electrical scooter and browse for street daily traveller or adventurous off-road e-scooters. Therefore, we stock compact, portable and foldable electric scooters for riders looking for portability or thrill seekers. We have performance-fast electric scooters on regular city roads.

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