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Digital planner for iPad and Android is one big ordered and linked PDF, so you can organize yourself the way you want. It is timeless, has no date, and customize it whenever you want. It will arrive at the moment and use it ad nauseam.

It is a planner without dates, which you can use as many times as you want. It’s a handy, linked PDF to help you stay better organized. It is suitable for Android and iPad, and you can also use it from your computer.

Features – Digital Planner

  • Digital agendas are suitable for Android and iPad.
  • You will need one of these applications to use it: good notes, notability, XODO, note shelf, or similar.
  • Using it from the iPad will be linked to your iPhone.
  • You can use it from your computer.
  • You can use it for as many years as you want.
  • Horizontal lines are written with three different models.
  • As soon as you buy it, you will receive it in your email automatically
  • You can add pages to taste.
  • Payment with PayPal or a card
  • Sales policy and  terms and conditions
  • the digital planner without dates
  • 4,50€

What’s in the Planner

You can use Xodo or notability for Android and good notes for iPad. You can also use it from your computer. These are my tips, but if you know other apps, you can also use them to write in the planner. This planner does not have dates, so you can use it this year, next year, and whenever you want. Once you buy it, you can duplicate pages, paint, write, point, etc. And now, I will tell you what organization sheets it contains:

  • Six Covers
  • One sheet with 12 blank calendars
  • One vital date sheet with space for 12 months
  • One sheet to plan your year
  • Three pages for annual project planning. With four calendars on each page. You can duplicate any page at pleasure.
  • Twelve monthly planners for you to complete with the months you want. They can be months in a row or months of different years, as you wish.
  • Tasks of the month twelve pages. If you have more jobs a month, you can duplicate the page.

Three Different Models Organization

Weekly, three different models organization 52 pages. From each week, you will be able to access a daily organization in case the available space is not enough. You can duplicate this page as many times as you want, each day of the week, for example. You can complete it with the day, month, year, etc.

  • One timetable page that you can duplicate
  • 12 monthly menus with their corresponding shopping list
  • 12 travel organization pages: in each trip, you will find three different sections: general organization, itinerary, and notes
  • Study and reviews: 24 pages to organize your tasks and monthly goals, 24 for study and reviews, and 54 for weekly time control. You can duplicate the pages you want.
  • List of Four pages, which you can also duplicate.
  • Accounting: one page of annual accounting and 12 pages of monthly accounting.

Notes Section

This planner is eternal because once you buy it,  you can download it every year, and since it doesn’t have dates, you can use it repeatedly. If you need more planners, schedules, calendars, or whatever, you can duplicate the pages, and the planner will still work perfectly.

You can write with a pencil or the tablet’s keyboard, whichever you feel more comfortable with, no problem also in addition to all the organization sheets, you have a small digital notebook to write down tasks, jobs, projects, draw or do whatever you want. You can find it in the final part of the planner.

The Digital Planner without Dates

The digital planner without dates and this planner for iPad and Android is a great ordered and linked PDF, so you can organize yourself the way you want. It is fear.

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When it comes to the planning system, I have tried them all and I have attempted date, update planner, traditional and pretty bullet journals, and every Android and Chrome app. I finally concluded that no one system was for me without some tweaking. Today I am also sharing how I created my perfect planning system using digital and also paper Planning.