Web Project: The term “web project” can refer to different types of development, including technical creation, content management, data, graphic design, and also all dimensions of marketing. Hence these developments may consist of:

  • The method of a website,
  • With the creation of electronic commerce,
  • Starting an application, etc.

Web Project Management

Bitrix24, the best web management software, has the features to plan, develop and also track any web project. When a project is launch for a client, a negotiation phase begins between the development department and the client.

Before the start of work, several times and phases of the project are established. Then, both parties create a schedule, work on deliverables for the client, and estimate the completion date for it. Compliance with what has been previously agreed with the client is crucial to achieving the final goal.

Good web project management consists of establishing the proper organization and also distribution of tasks that make up a web project. Without this planning, there is a risk of failure, so it is essential to apply measures that will help do the job well. Establishing processes, leading working groups, and determining the resources available in each phase and also the critical data are essential in managing web projects.

Phases of a Successful Web Project

Phases of a Successful Web Project

1. Expression of Need

A web project begins with the formulation of needs based on the so-called specifications. This document, valid for evaluating the feasibility of the project and also calculating the costs, describes point by point:

  • functionalities,
  • the development framework (area of ​​activity),
  • the anticipated technical requirements.
  • Creating a project template helps understand the expected results better.

2. Teamwork

Once the project’s scope has been defined, an IT service provider, a web agency and an internal team must be commission to carry it out. This team can estimate the time and money required to complete the project in advance.

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A typical team for a web project consists of:

  • Developer,
  • a user experience designer,
  • a product owner or a project manager.

3. Cost Calculation and Planning

The project must be evaluated in several parts to calculate the cost of each of them. The total cost can be calculate later.

  • IT improvements (back office and front office),
  • technical jobs (hosting, backups, etc.),
  • graphic and interface design,
  • the content (texts, articles, branded content, white papers),
  • Marketing elements (landing pages, visit tracking).

In IT, the agile method proposes to work in sprints (a series of 2 weeks of production separated by a schedule). Planning is usually embodied in a Gantt chart, a list, or a Kanban roadmap.

How to Plan a Web Project?

Below we show you the steps to follow to prepare a web project.

1. Calculation of Costs

The calculation of project costs is essential. In addition, the content calculation, graphic design, technical tasks, IT developments, and marketing elements must determine.

2. Design Idea

Design is the phase where team members coordinate to ensure the website, application, or online store creation. It would be helpful for you to choose the domain name, website development, marketing tools, content writing and integration, and also script integration.

3. Trial

Before starting the project, it is essential to test to ensure that the service is satisfactory.

4. Get Started

When the testing phase is complete, and any errors that may have occurred are correct, the project is launched and worked towards its goal. The project must be publicize using various marketing tools.

How to Create the Timing of a Web Project?

To capture the planning of a web and also present it to your client, you need to be clear about what parts the project can be divide.

It is essential to know the characteristics, such as the tasks to be carry out, the available resources, the unforeseen events that may occur, etc., to create a realistic schedule.


Planning from start to finish can be a complex task. To guarantee success, it is essential to know how to define the different functions that one is confront with in each phase of the web project. To make your planning successful, let’s see how to create the timeline and also steps to develop a web project.

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