Video marketing is a digital marketing technique based on creating and disseminating audiovisual pieces to achieve objectives set in the strategy. In an environment where content is the king of strategies, audiovisual content has earned its way to being one of the favorites of marketing professionals because it manages to meet these objectives.

Video Marketing Based on a Good Strategy

Video Marketing Based on a Good Strategy

It is a source that requires an investment in time and budget, but if it is well focused, it more than complies. Moreover, content in audiovisual format has an influencer on the return on investment that justifies it. To name a few facts.

A study by Hubspot positions that 98% of people between 18-34 years old watch videos several times throughout the week. This percentage increases to 75% of daily video views in the millennial generation.

It also states that it is proven that video helps influence users’ purchasing decisions: 64% of them confirm this.

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What is it About the Audiovisual Setup that Makes it so Attractive?

These are some of the reasons :

  • It expresses more than the image or text alone.
  • It is a quick and direct form of communication; it spreads several minds simultaneously.
  • It is the most related experience to the real one, face to face between people, so it transmits much better.
  • The new generations are more accustomed to the audiovisual format and not so much, as the previous ones, to the text, to reading.
  • Mobile devices have accentuated the consumption of audiovisual means since the size of the screens is not so relaxed for reading, but it does offer good quality for viewing videos.

Advantages of Video Marketing

As you can realize, taking advantage of video marketing in your content marketing plan is a result that offers many benefits.


An audiovisual setup is already a worldwide tool that we are more than used to and is pretty to us because it offers the chance to unleash creativity. In addition, it reaches all the senses directly and is easier to consume than other formats, such as text.

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Is Shared

If the message or format spreads to the worker, they share it. The virality effect is initiate in the case of the video. In addition, technological resources and tools make it easy for this sharing action to be carry out quickly.

Emotional Connection

Video lets us see, hear and feel. We see other people as they are, how they express themselves, and what they communicate.

Improve SEO Positioning

As a result of the above, the greater the number of visits and the time they remain, the better organic positioning the site will achieve.

On the other hand, correctly defining the fundamental aspects of a video, such as a title, description, and keywords, will be enough to position it.

How to do Video Marketing?

The first object you have to take into account when you select to start with a video marketing strategy is the objective you need to achieve, which focuses on one of these three aspects:

  • Sell
  • Educate
  • Entertain

The three aspects may converge in the same audiovisual piece. Herein lies the power of storytelling.

Four Basic Features to Consider in Video Marketing

1. Define what the Public is

Before even copying the video, you should take time to define who you will address and the video’s audience.

This point is essential to achieving the objectives set. Because you can’t address everyone, nor is what you tell anyone. If you do not describe this part, you will be unable to meet the objectives you set for yourself.

2. Work on the Creative Idea

Once you know what you want to succeed and who you will target, you can work on the creative idea itself, how it will be record, the type of shots and resources to use, etc.

3. Measure to Improve

If your objective is to define a video marketing strategy, you cannot forget to measure the results you are achieving. It is not limited to making, posting, and sharing.

To improve, the effect of the actions conceded out must be measure. Analyze, interpret the data and take action to continue evolving.


video marketing is a component of an integrated marketing communications plan designed to increase audience engagement through social activity around a given video.

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