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Magic 8-Ball App: It is an App in which toys are used for fortune-telling or for seeking advice. This app has some new ones and has many of the initial responses. The magic eight ball tried to decide the best one for the question asked the user with about 20 individual answers. You can use the 8-ball by tapping the magic ball and shaking your device for Enjoyment.

Mattel Magic 8 Ball, Multi Color

  • Brand: Mattel
  • Material: Other-materials
  • Colour: Multicolor
  • Item Weight: 8.8 Ounces
  • Number of Items: 1

About this item

The original magic 8-ball novelty toy has all the answers to your deepest question.

After the “asking ball” yes-no question, turn the toy upside down and wait for your answer to be exposed through the window.

Answer range from positive (“it certain”) to negative (“don’t count on it”) and balance (“ask again later”)

Fortune-telling Fun!

The original Magic 8 Ball is a novelty toy that lets anyone seek advice about their future! All you have to do is “ask the ball”  yes or no questions, then wait for your answer to reveal.

A Secret Message Just For You!

Turn the toy upside-down and look inside a window on the bottom — this is where your secret message appears!

Variety Of Answers

Answer range from positive (“It is certain”) to negative (“Don’t count it”) and neutral (“Ask again later”).

Original Magic 8 Ball novelty toy has the answer to your deepest question!

After “asking the ball” yes or no question, turn your question; how time has changed! When you shake the mag8-ball game online, a simple mouse click is required to see your magical prediction. Go crazy and try yourself! Ask any yes or no question you wish about your future love life or finance to see just how easy it is to play a virtual mag8-ball game & Spirit app!

Ask the Magic 8 Ball Game

Eager to know the answer to the yes or no questions about the future? Ask Black Magic 8 Ball fortune, teller! Concentrate on your question, and click the Magic 8 Ball to estimate! It’s more accurate than you might think.

Magic 8 Ball | iOS Fortune-Telling Game Application

Magic 8 ball App (1)

Magic 8 Ball is a funny template for you to quickly build a mobile game where a friend can ask yes or no questions and get an answer from the ball.


Magic 8 Ball is a fortune-telling, future-reader game that builds fun and brings people together.

You can ask a yes or no question while holding a finger over the ball. Release your finger to receive spoken and text answers.

This full-working template supports five languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, and German), and you can also add more by following the Documentation.

This template is easy to customize. It allows sharing apps through social network app

Please note you must not take the received answer seriously. It rand, Mail, and SMS, as well as changing the background and choosing different answer topics. only generates, and its purpose is just for fun, alone or with friends 🙂

The design is clean, the code is commented on, and the project folder and files are well organized in the package.

  • Check out the Feature section below to see what the app does.
  • Read online Documentation to configure the template’s features.
  • Keep eye on the change Log at the bottom of this page when an update is released.

Extended License

As per Envato Marketplace Term, the Extend License apply to all applications that charge money to their users. In case your users have not accused money through your version of this app, you can still buy under a Regular license.

Therefore, you must buy a template under an Extend License if your plan is either one or more of the following:

NOTE: If you want to post your version of this application for FREE, you can buy it under a Regular License. Add In-App Purchase or any other Payment Gateway source code and publish an app for free on the App/Play Store.

Publish this application PAID app on the App Store.

Transfer the live app of your version app on App/Play Store to another owner selling your ownership on flippa.com or a similar marketplace.

Importance: You cannot sell or share the template’s source code anywhere due to copyright infringement.


  • Edit the template as you wish with the power of XCode and Swift. iOS Swift language – Native XCode project.
  • Storyboard, iOS 11.0 and above, Universal –Run your App on an iOS device.
  • Choose a different topic – You can select between Classic, Alternative, or Fun that magic eight ball will give, and add your arrays of solutions in the code.
  • Set backgrounds for the ball – By selecting a location, you can give the home screen a better look. You can also add more images to the project.
  • Multi-language ready – The project contains five different languages and their translations. You edit them and also wish to add a new language.
  • Be social – Let the world know app by sharing on social network apps, Mail, or SMS
  • AdMob Banner ads – Get revenue from advertisement banners.
  • Modern design – The UI has been carefully crafted to offer your client the best user experience.
  • Online Documentation – Read the extensive guide template, able to configure it properly.
  • PSD icons include the package – App and button icons are stored in the PSD folder for image replacement.


The latest official version of XCode – The beta version of IDE usually never works 100% properly, and the code of this app is written using latest official version of XCode. You can download it from Mac App Store, and you must use it and avoid Beta.

An Apple Mac computer, update to the latest OS version – So, it’s always good to keep your macOS up to date technology keeps growing and following changes, and I update my template every time a new OS gets released.

An Apple Developer Account with an active iOS Development Program –  It needs you to publish apps on iTunes App Store. You can still edit templates on code without an account, So you won’t be able to run your real iOS device since you’ll need Team ID.

Basic knowledge of X code and Swift language – You don’t need a skill or a professional developer and also it recommends having a basic understanding of what you’re dealing with to customize this template and publish your application on the App Store.

Active AdMob account – Unless you won’t remove ads in this app, you must sign up for an AdMob account to display them.

A real device tests the app before submitting it to App Store – iOS Simulators may fail during the test, which is not as reliable as a real device. So I strongly recommend you always run this application on a real phone/tablet. Apple’s official Guidelines also suggest this.

How to Build Simple Magic 8 Ball App on Android?

Magic 8 ball App (3)

In this article, we will build the Magic 8 Ball App Project using Java XML  Android also the application is based on a decision-making application. The user can ask the ball what decision to make in this app. The ball randomly answers ” Yes, No, Not Sure, ” another answer also there will be a single activity in the application—a sample GIF is given below to get an idea of what we will do in the article.

Step-by-Step Implementation

Step 1: Create the New Project

To create a new project in Android Studio. So, please refer to How to Create/Start New Project in Android Studio. Note selected Java programming language.

Step 2: first, you have to do some pre-task. Before going to the coding section

Ball Images: All the ball images are listed below. Save them in your drawable folder in the resource also go to app > res > drawable and paste the following files:

Ball – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Change the style to No Action Bar in the theme XML file:

<style name=”AppTheme” parent=”Theme. AppCompat. NoActionBar”>

Step 3: Working with activity_main.xml file.

XML codes are also used to build the activity’s structure and its styling part also it contains Text View at the very top action to display the title. Then it contains an Image View of the ball in the center of the activity. At last, we have Button at the bottom of the action asking the application to make decisions. It is a single-activity application; the code for the activity_main.xml file is below.

<?XML version=”1.0″

Step 4: Working with the MainActivity.java file

We will also create an onClickListener() function for the ask button in the java file. Also, we will create an array store id of all the images. Inside the on-click listener(), we will also generate a random number from 1-4 using the Random() function. Afterwards, we set the image from the array of random numbers’ positions in an image view. So, below the code for the MainActivity.java file. Therefore, comments added to the code to understand it in more detail.


Congrats! You’ve just built your first iOS app.

The journey to becoming an iOS developer also took the first step.

This tutorial introduced you to many new concepts in XCode and also iOS development. So, recap, you learned how to.

  • Create New XCode projects
  • Use different tools in XCode
  • Build simple user interfaces (UI) using Interface Builder
  • Connect storyboard to code with the Identity Inspector, IBOutlets and IBActions
  • Implement app logic for your Magic 8-Ball
  • Remember and visualize what you did for each step in your head.

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