Definition – What Does Stealth Mode Mean?

Stealth Mode Startup: Stealth mode is an IT business strategy in which software, hardware, or an IT product/service is intentionally hidden from the market, competition, or the general public until a predefined completion date. It is the practice of keeping products or service secret in highly competitive markets.

Its Details and Products – Stealth Mode Startup

Stealth Mode Startup (1)

Stealth mode uses to hide detail about the product until its launch. Startup organizations often implement this approach to ensure that their products are not replicated and released by another vendor or organization. Successful stealth mode requires an organization to restrict its employees and stakeholders from publicly disclosing a product/service until it is released. Non-compliance with stealth mode may result in a loss of competitive advantage, reduced customer interest, or maybe overshadowed by a product from a larger company.

An organization can also release trial versions of a product with code names, keeping prospective customers curious while they wait for the final product.

WhatsApp Stealth Mode: what it is and what it is for

To activate this function, you must enter the WhatsApp “settings” menu and go to the “account” option, where the privacy conditions are modified.

What’s App Stealth Mode: What is and What is it for? – Stealth Mode Startup

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The company was preparing this option that began appearing in the web version’s code. There would be a silent omission of groups included in your messaging preferences.

It must consider that although WhatsApp will not make public that a user has left the group, it will do so with the administrators of said group. That is, it will not be completely anonymous.

To activate this function, you must enter the “settings” menu of the app and go to the “account” option, where the privacy conditions are modified. There, where there is a section for configuring the groups, you can select who. As WaBetaInfo, the site specializing in the messaging service had explained, the application was working on an upcoming update that could fulfill a highly requested request from many users: leave a group without anyone knowing

The method to know if a contact silenced you on WhatsApp

It should note that this function, which allows you to tell if another connection silenced you, can be done on both Android and iOS devices.

A Series of steps must follow to take this into account.

Open WhatsApp

Send a message to said contact and tag them if they are in a group.

If the contact’s cell phone rings, you are not muted.

If their phone doesn’t ring or the other contact doesn’t answer for a long time, you may have mute.

So, If you want to silence someone, the following procedure must be respected.

Enter WhatsApp

Go to the profile of the person you want to mute.

Click on mute.

You can choose to silence the contact for 24 hours, seven days, or forever.

This way, when receiving a message from said contact, the cell phone will not ring.

Stealth mode gives you two privacy options: you can view another member’s profile without leaving any “trails” in their Visitors grid, and you can hide your profile from appearing in the Global section of the Discover grid.

Stealth (Visitors) – Stealth Mode Startup

View a profile without appearing as a Guest.

Hide your profile from the Global section (Discover grid).

Stealth mode does not prevent your profile from being visible in the Nearby grid, in search results, or being available/connect to send messages.

Stealth mode must be activated to hide your trace. If you are offline, but stealth mode is not activated, your profile will appear as Visiting this member.


Open SCRUFF and tap the Profile icon (at the far right of the bottom menu bar).

Press the Stealth option (green switch), then confirm in the message that appears.

To deactivate Stealth mode for Visitors, press this option again (switch greyed out).

Stealth (Global) – Stealth Mode Startup


Open SCRUFF and tap the Profile icon (at the far right of the bottom menu bar).

Tap Settings > Privacy Settings.

In the Visibility section, tap the Global option (green switch).

To disable Stealth mode for Global, press this option again (switch greyed out).

Disabling Stealth Mode in Windows

Windows Server or Windows client computers do not send Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) reset (RST) messages or Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) unreachable packets over a port that does not have a network application. listen. Several applications rely on the behaviour described in RFC 793, “Reset Generation”, page 35f. These applications require either the TCP RST packet or the ICMP unreachable packet as a response if they hit a port that has no listener. If they do not receive this response, the applications may not be able to run correctly on Windows.

1.      Cause – Stealth Mode Startup

For ports on which no application is listening, the stealth mode feature blocks outgoing ICMP unreachable packets and TCP RST messages.

Stealth mode also applies to paused endpoints due to a saturation in the listen backlog parameter.

2.      Solution – Stealth Mode Startup

Warning stealth mode is an important security feature, and disabling it can make your computer vulnerable to attacks, even on managed corporate domain networks and behind perimeter firewalls. Therefore, we strongly recommend you keep stealth mode active and disable it only if necessary.

Stealth mode is a primary security feature. For any given configuration, stealth mode should remain enabled unless there is a safe and valid argument to disable it.

Any of the following methods can disable stealth mode:

You can use Microsoft Intune or another mobile device management system to set the Disable Stealth Mode keyword in the Firewall Configuration Service Provider CSP.

An independent software vendor (ISV) can use the Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) API to replace stealth filters with proprietary filters.

When is the launch Time for Stealth Startup?

At some point, every stealth startup must show its true colors and what they’ve been hiding all along. So when should you do that?

You Determined your Target Market

Whether you’ve identified your target audience before or during the launch of your stealth startup is a good thing to be proud of. You should also know your customers and find ways to reach out to them. And that is the first step towards selling your digital solution.

As a digital agency at Jet Ruby, we develop and launch successful products evolving their headquarters. They had trouble pinpointing their market niche, and some were stealth startups requiring in-depth marketing research. Once they tested their healthcare product within a closed beta, they knew they had chosen the right tech partner and business direction. You can launch your startup confidently with our assistance and support. Leave your inquiry on our free Product Development Strategy Session, and we’ll make a ballpark estimation for your business roadmap in no time!


The stealth mode startup is a unique and peculiar one. It has its charm for producing and developing an innovative digital product that our world has yet to see. On the one hand, if you run a stealth startup, you have the ultimate confidence in developing a unique product no one has ever done. On the other hand, the privacy factor allows you to exclude any public eye from your development process.

However, every young entrepreneur should know the challenges and milestones hidden on a stealth startup path. Your actions require much attention and confidence, so measure thrice and cut once! In contrast, the amateur ones should rely on the experience and knowledge of their previous mistakes and businesses they have opened.

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