Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is software that automatically manages (and therefore streamlines) marketing processes within multifaceted digital marketing campaigns. It can include email marketing and social media marketing, live chat, website monitoring, and lead scoring.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

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The author of the book Marketing de Acción, Juan Carlos Alcaide, describes that “the central value of Marketing Automation lies in the fact that it has the potential to impact both the revenue volumes of companies and the results in terms of profitability.

It is then about using a tool that helps generate excellent results for all types of companies (large and small). And it even allows time optimization, efficiently managing each of the steps within the funnel in a personalized and fast way.

In addition, Marketing Automation accompanies your leads in each part of the Sales Funnel process. That is, from the moment of attraction to decision-making, and the good thing is that you can follow their behaviors and create special filters to help them progress to the end.

Enrich the Sales Process

It is the number one benefit because, for you, the sales process can probably become cumbersome and annoying many times. However, through Marketing Automation, you can acquire more detailed information about your leads and potential customers to create a communication space where you can attend to them directly.

This tool allows you to establish Lead Nurturing or Lead Nurturing. For example, once the lead subscribes to the newsletter, you can send personalized messages automatically and thus begin to engage in dialogue to connect with your audience without delay.

Segment the Target Customer

Yes, as we explained in benefit number 1, Marketing Automation helps you solve the constant intrigue about your target audience. So by revealing the mystery, you can know what stage it is in and how you direct it to the final point so that it approaches you, understands you, and decides to make the purchase.

Reduce Costs

It is the phrase most dreamed of by any marketer. However, because we are going, to be honest, we know that any error in marketing is costly; that is why Marketing Automation helps you reduce the margin of error as much as possible and, with this, the expenses that this entails.

Nucleus Research indicates that Marketing Automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales output and reduce up to 12.2% overhead of other marketing processes.

Project your Image on Multiple Channels

It is excellent for you because using Marketing Automation can market your image in real-time through every social network and communication medium. Again, here you save time and money.

Each campaign is managed in all the media you want and where your Buyer Persona interacts most frequently. In addition, with this, you give greater visibility to your brand or product so that those who know you keep you in mind and those who do not dare to click to find out more.

Types of Tools for Marketing Automation

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If you read ten different articles, you will find ten lists of what marketing automation software should be. Also, those lists will be as long or as limited as you imagine. Depending on what each writer understands as “marketing activities.” Some will include operating systems for inventory management, pricing, distribution (e.g., sales channels), revenue management, and competitive intelligence under the “marketing automation tools” category. With that in mind, here’s a list of potential automation tools.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Automates sales processes and manages customer, order, and product data, which can be used for marketing automation.
  • Sales Force Automation: Manages sales processes, manages data, a and provides analytics.
  • Email Marketing: Makes it easy to set up online forms and autoresponders, as well as various reports (click-through rates, open email rates, unsubscribes, etc.)
  • Social Media: Automate multiple aspects of social media marketing, including posting, scheduling, monitoring, and content analytics.
  • Workflows: Remove the human element from business processes, including marketing processes.
  • Lead Management: ​​Automates the generation, scoring, and use of sales or marketing leads.
  • Analytics: Visualize and identify patterns in market and customer data.

As you can see, today’s digital marketing campaigns have many components. As a result, various solutions are available, from point solutions that need to be integrated to comprehensive marketing automation solutions that support all or most of the tools and capabilities listed above.

Finally, marketing helps you understand a potential buyer’s behavior online (digital body language). Indicating what product or service they are interested in and where they are in the buying process. Based on these observations, marketers can encourage the prospect to buy throughout the process with high-value content.

Advantages of Marketing Automation

Marketing automation provides different benefits for businesses of any size. It helps in many aspects of digital sales and marketing, such as finding and nurturing leads, customer acquisition, cross-selling, and up-selling.

Marketing automation enables industry teams to do more with less. However, 63% of companies expect to realize benefits from marketing automation after just six months of going live. So how can you maximize your profits by investing in automation?

These are some of the most important advantages of marketing automation.

1. Higher conversion rates

When lead generation campaigns are managed with marketing automation. Clean customer data makes it easy to identify and target customers and make the right offers to the right contacts. Therefore, interactions with real potential customers occur, which increases the possibility of making a sale.

2. Stop Wasting Time on Ineffective Campaigns

Get opportunity and revenue data from the CRM system for complete visibility of what’s working and not. Stop planning based on intuition. Instead, use data to make informed decisions about marketing campaigns and allocate marketing budgets to those with the highest financial gain.

3. Keep Everything in Order

Marketing automation classifies transactions, harmonizes activities, creates achievable schedules, and coordinates internal teams to achieve goals. As a result, it makes everything work better.

4. Increased Employee Productivity

With the right marketing solution, employees can forget repetitive manual tasks and focus on strategic issues. As a result, it will make your work easier, more productive, and more enjoyable.


Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks.