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Best Antenna For Outdoors – Raven Gadgets

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This indoor/outdoor H.D. Antenna features a whopping 150-mile range and UHF/VHF channel reception, emitting digital T.V. signals using two different frequency ranges. It offers a greater choice of channels than 30 to 80-mile-range indoor antennas, ideal in remote areas far from broadcast towers or close to mountainous regions or large buildings blocking over-the-air signals

The best outdoor T.V. antennas require only a small investment of time and money, so in little time, you could save money on cable and subscription services while watching your favorite T.V. channels in H.D. quality.

Expert Review – Raven Gadgets

It also gets you all the channels you want clearly. You don’t necessarily need anything fancy. We’ve combed through consumer and expert reviews to find content on the best-performing antenna today, depending on various specific needs such as range, cost, or size.

Outdoor T.V. antennas can drag into various channels, including local, national, and public broadcasting. They’re also relatively easy to install, either by enlisting the help of a handyman or doing it yourself—provided you don’t have a fear of heights. This guide explores all the factors and features to consider when shopping for a T.V. antenna, including a list of some of the best ones available.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor T.V. Antenna?

Several factors must be considered before buying an outdoor T.V. antenna.

Where the house is located relative to area broadcast towers, for example, is an important one—the farther those towers are, the harder it’ll be for an antenna to pick up the broadcast signal.

There are various free online tools for getting all this information, including Antennae, and DTV Reception Maps. Here’s a closer look at what shoppers need to consider before buying an outdoor T.V. antenna.

Location and Building Structure – Raven Gadgets

A home’s location and construction can have much to do with choosing the right outdoor T.V. antenna. For example, someone who lives in a city will have different factors to contend with than someone living in a suburb or rural area.

With broadcast towers nearby, a city dweller might not have to worry much about their antenna’s reception. However, HOA restrictions or historical society rules on outdoor antennas may pose a problem. Many organizations don’t want outdoor T.V. antennas to be visible, so choosing a model that can be installed inside an attic might be a good choice.

Reception quality is a bigger concern for those who live in suburban, rural, or remote areas, far from broadcast towers. An outdoor T.V. antenna has to be affixed to a tall pole that lifts it as high above the house as possible to pick up a sign.

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Structure – Raven Gadgets

Even the best T.V. antennas have problems receiving broadcast towers reception through concrete, walls, structures, and items that weaken your indoor antenna signal reception, depending on your location. Several decades ago, antennas were mainly outdoors in houses, and indoor T.V. antennas were not common. Uhf signals and VHF signals needed to be strong & large. Raven Gadgets Ultra indoor HDTV antenna uses an Ultra-Wave design, helping the Raven indoor antennas get a call through most structures and Ultra Wave.

The Raven Ultra H.D. is a small indoor antenna that captures good reception up to 61 miles away with no monthly fee. For an indoor T.V. antenna, that is truly impressive since not many amplified antennas can achieve this distance. The Raven Ultra indoor antenna picks up weaker reception from T.V. stations up to the 60-mile range when paired with the optional non-included inline amplifier.

Connectivity – Raven Gadgets

While connecting more than one T.V. to an outdoor antenna is possible, several factors are worth considering. It usually works well to use a splitter to divert an antenna’s signal to connect to two T.V.s; however, it can be difficult to shift the call to more than two T.V.s if the antenna doesn’t support dual connectivity. If a coaxial splitter weren’t included with the outdoor T.V. antenna purchase, it would have to be bought separately to take advantage of dual connectivity. Despite the word”dual”, it is typically possible to split the signal among three or more separate T.V.s using a coaxial splitter.

Cabling – Raven Gadgets

If someone lives within range of broadcast towers and has their outdoor T.V. antenna pointed directly at them yet still gets bad reception, a cabling problem might be the cause.

A broadcast signal travels from the source to the T.V. through a coaxial cable. Not all coaxial cables are high quality, though. A coaxial cable is available in various grades, with RG-6 sufficient for standard T.V. reception and RG-11 being the best for an H.D. signal. An HD-ready coaxial cable typically provides the best pathway for the antenna’s signal to travel to the T.V.

Ease of Installation – Raven Gadgets

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There is a reason antenna installers are paid well: It’s not always easy to work. Anyone who considers themselves particularly handy can likely install and set up an outdoor T.V. antenna, though. Most kits provide the necessary hardware to bolt the antenna to a pole, though few include the bar itself.

Choosing an antenna that can be self-install can save quite a bit of money, even if the pole must be purchased separately. The antenna brackets should be installed on the house or roof first, followed by the antenna and stick as a unit. Trying to secure an antenna to the end of a long bar while standing on a top or ladder several feet above ground should never be an attempt for safety reasons.

PBD Outdoor Digital Amplified Yagi HDTV Antenna

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Anyone who wants to try over-the-air television without a large investment will want to check out the PBD Outdoor Digital Amplified Yagi HDTV Antenna. When calibrated toward a broadcast tower, this outdoor antenna has a 120-mile range, ideal for H.D. channels and residents of remote locations. The antenna picks up VHF, UHF, and H.D. broadcasts, with a built-in amplifier that helps to provide the best possible audio and video quality. It ships mostly assembled and ready to install.

This outdoor HDTV antenna includes the brackets required to secure it to a pole, though the bar must be self-installed. It’s also worth noting that the higher this antenna is mounted, the more channels it receives. While this is true for all antennas, lower-end antennas are. In particular, need to be installed as high as possible for the best reception.

Product Specs

  • Antenna size: Medium
  • Ran arege: 120 miles
  • Ease of installation: Moderate


  • Works as a VHF, UHF, and HDTV antenna
  • Built-in amplifier
  • Brackets for mounting included


  • Installation may difficult as it must be place as high as possible
  • Mounting pole
  • Get the PBD Yagi outdoor T.V. antenna on Amazon or Sears.


We have also tested each antenna on different days to see if that would also improve (or decrease). The number of channels we could pull in.

The best part is that it’s both an indoor HDTV antenna and an outdoor one. One that can mount on any wall or room.

If you’re in an apartment if you decide to buy a home later. You can use the same antenna and place it outdoors without purchasing a new one. Or if you have a mobile home, you can keep the antenna on the inside. When you’re traveling on the outside when you’re not. Any T.V. with a built-in tuner or external tuner will work.

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