Slice Card Benefits: Slice is a digital lending application that, in suggestion with numerous NBFCs, provides the Slice Credit Card. Slice earned $220 million in a Series B foundation round, making it the 41st unicorn business in India. Thanks to the most recent investment, that secure is now worth approximately $1 billion.

You can use credit card to borrow a pre-approved amount as credit, or you can deposit it to the savings account as emergency funds. If you make your payments on time, the credit limit gets bigger. After that it could say that it is an active loan that constantly displays in your CIBIL. So, if you have other unpaid debts on your credit record, it hurt your credit score, and missing any payments might worsen it.

Slice Card Benefits

Slice Card Benefits (1)

Weighing Slice Credit Card Benefits is essential before choosing whether the Slice credit card is the best option for your financial requirements. The Slice credit card does not have a yearly or joining cost, which can save you money compared to other credit cards.

  • Simple application method – You can apply for the Slice credit card online, which is very upfront.
  • High credit limit – The Slice credit card usually has a greater credit limit than other credit cards, which is advantageous for making expensive expenditures.
  • Cashback awards: You will receive cashback prizes when using The Slice credit card to make transactions.
  • No-cost EMI – On a limited number of transactions, the card also provides a no-cost EMI option that permits you to pay for expensive products over time with no extra interest fees.

Get up to 2% cashback on transactions. Split the bill into three equal installments without paying extra fees or interest. This credit card will charge no Annual Fee and No Joining Fee. Thus, you can enjoy credit limit of up to INR 10 Lacs on a Slice Credit Card.

Slice App Benefits – Slice Card Benefits

Slice App Benefits - Slice Card Benefits

  • Joining Fee: You will not have to pay any joining fee while joining the Slice credit card membership.
  • Credit Score: The company sets no minimum credit score principles for this credit card. After that, you can also apply for a card as a first-time credit user to raise your credit score.
  • Verification And Approval Time: Due to the several verifications that must complete, the time it takes for a credit card application to approve varies. Until you receive the credit card approval, you might be unable to make purchases. Approval may take up to two hours or longer.
  • Slice Cash: The Slice credits users earn and may apply for repayments are known as Slice Cash. Rs. 1 is one Slice of cash for repayments.
  • Monies: For every Rs. 1 you spend on your Slice credit card, you will get one month.
  • Credit Limit: The Slice Card’s credit limit extends from INR 2,000 to INR 10 lakh.

Slice Credit Card: Features & Benefits

The Slice Super Credit Card lets you earn immediate rewards across these types like travel, dining, lifestyle, etc. So, you can also earn cashback on transactions through this credit card. Some of the Slice credit card benefits mention below:

  • 2% instant cashback is available on big online shopping sites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra.
  • Shop from anywhere and cut all your bills in 3 months at no extra charges
  • 2,000 to Rs. Credit limit starting from Rs 10 lakh.
  • News deals with Slice Spark every week
  • Accepted at 99.95% of merchant across the country
  • Split bills with friends by taking notes or adding tags
  • No joining or annual fee
  • The credit card application process is entirely paperless.
  • You can quickly transfer your money to your bank account or Paytm wallet with the help of this card.

Things to keep in Mind before using Slice Credit Card

Along with these points, every user needs to keep a few things in Mind before using such credit cards.

  1. You Know Your Needs: If you are insecure about your expenses, knowing them is essential, and determining whether your income can meet your needs is essential. Prefer to create a managed expense from your income source.
  2. Focus on needs, not wants: Many people take credit cards to meet their needs, which is always a bad option in the future. It would be best to consider this for emergencies or your own needs. It will help you retain funds for repayment and maintain a healthy CIBIL score.
  3. Smartly manage your expenditure: You should know how to manage your expenses if you have a source of income. Managing your costs is not the sole part of your financial journey. Instead, you should find some money for savings that will give you financial freedom later.
  4. Read the term and conditions before taking a credit card: Whether you use the Slice credit card or any other option, you must check the terms and conditions before applying. Apart from this, you should also check the interest rates charged in case of late payment, conversion of outstanding amount into EMI, etc.
  5. Track Credit Score: With every loan or credit card come the responsibility of keeping track of your CIBIL score. Maintaining solid credit score will help you avail of any loan without any problems in the future. Also, with CIBIL Score, you can get loans at low-interest rates.


It is an excellent option for those beginning to establish their credit history because it is also made especially for young people and pupils.

However, the card has a few possible problems, including high-interest rates on outstanding amounts, international transaction costs, and restricted acceptance at some businesses. The credit limit on the card may also not be enough for people needing a larger credit limit.