Crypto Games 2022 – Introduction

Crypto games 2022 are centralized, which means that all items and experience (XP) earned while playing can use in other games. This games are changing this by presenting blockchain technology. Players can now use their payments and items for various crypto gaming projects.

Crypto games also offer players an opportunity to make money. This is called the play-to-win model, and players can do this in a variety of ways. Take Axie Infinity, for example. Users can buy characters called Axies, upgrade them, and then sell them for a higher price. Players can also clash with their Axies to earn SLP and AXS, which are Ethereum-based crypto gaming tokens.

Some of the Best Crypto Games

Crypto Games 2022

1. Lucky Block – Crypto Games 2022

lucky block logo Our pick for the best crypto game of 2022 is Lucky Block. Block is an innovative crypto gambling platform that aims to offer users the opportunity to win a lucrative jackpot every day. Hosted on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the Lucky Block platform focuses on transparency and fairness, which sets it apart from many legacy systems.

Much of the appeal of Lucky Block comes from the daily raffles that are on offer. These draws are set to begin on May 15, 2022, giving players a chance to win daily prizes, with Lucky Block’s current prize pool standing at an impressive $2.2 million. Additionally, users can enter the crypto draw by purchasing a ticket for $5 using LBLOCK, Lucky Block’s native token.

2. Silks – Sensational Crypto Game with P2E Elements

We have found Silks to be one of the best crypto games currently available. Essentially a cross between horse racing and the crypto space, this blockchain game creates a parallel metaverse to the real world. For example, you can buy horses with digital assets in the Silks metaverse.

They are, in fact, NFTs that represent real thoroughbred horses in the real world. As a player, you can follow the real-life counterparts of your horses as they breed, compete, and develop. You can also purchase other resources in the Silks metaverse, including Racing Silks, Stables, and Land.

3. Axie Infinity – Best Crypto Game with Multiple Awards

Axie Infinity is possibly one of the most popular games to win crypto games in this space. In this Pokémon-inspired fighting game, players can collect, breed, and breed creatures called Axies, NFTs that can be purchased or sold in open markets. To play Axie Infinity, you must have at least three Axies.

During the game, you can also fight and trade Axies and receive the Smooth Love Potion (SLP) cryptocurrency in return. This digital currency is mostly use to pay in-game fees, but it can also sold on exchanges.

4. Space Misfits – Popular Crypto Game Run By Enjin Blockchain

Space Misfits is a multiplayer game that uses the Enjin blockchain protocol. In this high-level crypto game, you get the chance to explore different worlds as you race to gather resources and expand your fleet in space. In other words, you have to fight against other players to conquer the galaxy and earn in-game rewards.

These rewards are paid out in BITS, the in-game cryptocurrency for Space Misfits. You can earn this token by completing several tasks, such as B. Becoming a merchant or hunting NPCs. The platform also plans to make it easy to convert BITS into ERC-20 tokens so you can sell them for fiat currency.

5. Decentraland – Metaverse Game with Great Potential

Decentraland is a virtual creation where you can buy and sell real estate using cryptocurrencies. The landlords in this game have the power to dictate the world’s politics and determine its behaviour.

To get start Decentraland asks you to create a custom avatar. You can then enter the virtual world, search it and interact with other players. If you want to buy land in this world, you need to buy MANA coins, which can be purchase on cryptocurrency platforms like Toro. An NFT token represents each part of land you buy.

6. The Sandbox – Buy Virtual Properties with SAND Tokens

The Sandbox is an immersive metaverse and sensational crypto token project from Gamefic where gamers can create virtual worlds and monetize their gaming experiences. It features several different universes, such as Summer Jam Land and The Walking Dead Land. In the game, you can buy packs, which are digital properties.

Like the other crypto games we have discussed, these assets are NFTs, which makes them tradable. Also, the packs in The Sandbox are in limited supply, making them rare, and therefore your NFTs have a good chance of increasing in value over time.


The crypto gaming space is preparing to become one of the most exciting parts of the blockchain ecosystem and however, the top crypto games discussed on this page are just a fraction of what is available.

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