Introduction New York Times: New York Times Games has brought players together through their love of our games, whether it’s one-upping dad in Spelling Bee, gathering around to play The Crossword, or even group gameplay at the office.

Today, New York Times Games announces its collaboration with Keegan-Michael Key, Emmy-winning actor, producer, writer, and Wordle superfan, to celebrate gameplay and sharing scores to connect through friendly competition.

New York Times Games and Keegan-Michael Key invite players to enter for a chance to compete and engage with Keegan in their game group chats. Like many avid Wordle players, Keegan plays every day with family,

What is the Best word to Start with in Wordle?

What is the Best word to Start with in Wordle_

Start with a word that has a lot of vowel.

Some Wordle player have succeeded in starting with a word with several vowels. “Adieu,” “audio,” or “canoe,” for example, may be good words to start with because at least three out of the five letters are vowels.

You can play Wordle in the New York Times Game app, at or in the New York Times News app in the Play tab.

1. Can I play Wordle twice a day?

The daily Wordle reset at midnight every day in your current time zone. A user can play only one puzzle in a day. Every Wordle user plays the same puzzle each day. User can share the game on social media without spoiling answers for others.

2. Can I play a Wordle I missed?

The official Wordle website has database of all the previous challenges and a few unreleased puzzle prepared for the future. Therefore, if you manage to change the time on your device, you can access previous games on the official website.

3. The Easiest Way to Solve Wordle

Starting with a word with common letters is a good approach because it lets you quickly eliminate many words: If you pick a word with the most common letter and one or more of those common letters is not in the solution, then you have identified many impossible solutions.

What are the Best first five words for Wordle?

What are the Best first five words for Wordle_

The Absolute Best Word to Start Wordle. Statistically. But, if you want to try other 5-letter words with similar statistical effectiveness, the best Wordle starting word is CANOE; your choices are ROATE, CRANE, RAISE, and TRACE.

The best two-word strategy in Wordle

In Wordle, an optimal strategy means avoiding repeating letters as much as possible. Instead of rushing to guess the solution on your second try, an ideal second word would repeat no letters from your first guess.

Today’s Wordle Review

Today’s game is an example of what it looks like when you eliminate enough letters with your previous guesses to arrive at the answer efficiently. This game gave my brain a workout while still being enjoyable. It shows how drawing a complete blank with your first guess doesn’t always doom you to a fiver or a missed word.

Better at Solving Wordle in three Guesses

I’ve improved at solving Wordle in three guesses since I started writing this column in March. Though I’m sure I’d play Wordle anyway if I didn’t work here, not every player has the advantage of a daily, professional obligation to solve the puzzle. For most of us, an impulse to test our wits and knowledge in a game that often takes up only several moments of our time is motivation enough.

I’m grateful that my job makes me a better solver, but I’m starting to understand what some players say about the disappointment and lack of strategy that accompanies a solution in one guess. The twos and threes are the sweet spots, and it has been gratifying to watch them line up.

Today’s Difficulty

Today’s Wordle is moderately challenging because of the unfamiliarity of the word or letter pattern. The letter pattern is distinct enough that the answer can usually be found using elimination strategies within six guesses.

For more in-depth analysis, visit our friend, Wordlebot.

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The power of our games — from Wordle to Spelling Bee to The Crossword — is the ability to outgrowth connections between our players and their friends and family, the games community at large, and The Times brand,” said Jonathan Knight, head of New York Times Games. “Our collaboration with Keegan brings to life this spirit of play and connection and glass case how our games link people together through daily play.