Best Android – A mobile would not be brilliant without applications, and Android certainly does not lack. There are applications for everything, although some do not exactly stand out for their quality. Here we will collect this apps today.

On this occasion, we will count the best new applications of 2022 or not long before, leaving out the usual heavyweights such as the vast majority of Google apps. Instead, we will focus on application that stand out for their concept, functions, and design.

What is Android?

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Android is a mobile operating system for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. However, we also find it in other devices such as smartwatches, televisions, or even in the multimedia systems of some car models. An operating system established by Google and based on the Linux Kernel and other open-source software has become the main answerable for the popularization of many smart devices because it facilitates the use of a large number of applications in a simple.

At first, it was developed by Android Inc, which was later bought by Google in 2005 to be announced two years later, in 2007, to advance open standards in mobile devices.

A Bit of History, This is How Android was Born

The company that gave birth to Android bore its name, Android Inc, founded in 2003 by Andry Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. They were the ones who announced Android as an operating system initially oriented towards digital cameras and which allowed them to be connected to the PC without the need for cables.

However, since it was not a good topic, they opted for mobile phones. In just two years, Google was interested in this company and decided to buy Android Inc. for 50 million dollars and incorporate the four founders into the company’s ranks.

How to know what Version of Android I Have It is possible that on assured occasions, we need to know what version of Android we have installed on our mobile Phone, although it can also be out of curiosity. To do this, access the settings or configuration of our smartphone and navigate to the option that shows us the current version of the system.

This information is usually under the same path in many terminals; however, depending on the manufacturer and the Android customization layer used, the course may vary slightly. We must go to the Settings> System> About Phone> Android version option.

Main Components of the Android Operating System

Within the system architecture itself, we can highlight the main components of it:

1. Linux kernel

The system’s kernel is Linux and acts as an abstraction layer between the device hardware and the installed applications. In addition, Google’s operating system depends on Linux for other essential services such as security, memory management, process management, network stack, or drivers.

2. Runtime

Google’s mobile operating system includes a set of libraries that provide most of the functionality available in the base libraries of the Java programming language. In addition, each application runs its process with its instance of the Dalvik virtual machine. Up to version 5.0, this machine executed files in .dex format, but as of that version, ART is used, which is fully compiled when the application is installed.

3. Libraries

The Android operating system includes a set of C or C++ libraries used by various components of the system. These features are visible to developers through the Android Applications framework. Among these libraries, it is worth highlighting System C, media, graphics, 3D or SQLite libraries, among others.

4. Application Framework

The Google framework allows developers to access the same framework APIs used by the base applications. And is that the architecture of Android is designed to simplify the reuse of components. Any application can publish its capabilities, and other applications can reuse them within security rules.

5. Applications

It has specific base applications that allow the use of the essential functions of a device. Such as an email, SMS text messages, calendar, maps, browser, contacts, and others. Applications developed in Java language.

Market Share

One of the most reliable sources when it comes to knowing the market share of Android and its biggest competitor in terms of the operating system for mobile devices, iOS, is Kantar.

Let’s look at the data corresponding to the last quarter of 2019. We can see that the Apple operating system accounts for 24.3% of all smartphone sales in the main European markets. Increasing its share in the United States, Japan, Australia, and China. A figure raised with the arrival and sales of the iPhone 11, but which still indicates that 1 in 10 mobile phones sold in Europe and the United States in the last quarter of last year is an iPhone 11

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Android is the name of an operating system used in mobile devices, usually with a touch screen. This way, it is likely to find tablets (tablets), mobile phones (cell phones), and watches prepare with it, though the software is also use in cars, televisions, and other machines.

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