Introduction – Technological Trends Marking

Technological Trends Marking – However, this is just beginning, and the technological trends of 2022 are full of evolving “old friends” and the latest advancements that will continue to transform our daily lives and how we communicate and work.

Despite the wide range of technological advances for 2022, they all share the same standard denominator tools and advances designed to advance digitization further and increase the efficiency and growth of businesses of all kinds. Embracing digital environments is critical for productivity and customer retention.

Automation and Hyperautomation

Automation allows us to optimize the time spent on all types of tasks and increase the precision with which we carry them out. 2022 is a year that will continue to employ tools and developments to streamline the process of endless tasks, improve our efficiency in execution, and continue to rid ourselves of those that can be completely automated so that we can devote ourselves to only those who can We can offer different value. And hyper-automation helps improve decision-making without sacrificing quality, exponentially increases speed, and reduces operational costs by up to 30%.



We couldn’t mention it in this trend compilation because it has been positioned as a megatrend that will define a new era and can have the same impact as the Internet.

This digital universe, where physical and virtual reality mingles in a shared online space. Will fundamentally change how we work, shop, communicate, and play. As a result, the metaverse will provide excellent business opportunities, from increasing their social presence to office work, payments, healthcare, buying and selling products, and more.

Multinational giants like Facebook (which has already changed its name to Meta), Zara, Epic Games. And Microsoft are just some examples of companies that have joined this trend and will be the great promoters of this new universe. Of course, there is still a lot to do to see 100% of what has been realized, but we must not lose sight of it.

Novel Convolutional Neural Network Architectures

The appearance of transformers in computer vision enhanced neural network ability to extract features from images and their ability to model long-range dependencies. It increased the success rate for classification, object recognition, and image segmentation tasks.

Thanks to the techniques knowledgeable in developing hybrid architectures using Vision Transformers. Many investigation groups have offered new topologies that change the traditional way we have used convolutional neural networks. Such is the case of the new network presented by Facebook Research, a ConvNet for the 2020s called ConvNext. Which has outperformed the “Vision Transformers” architectures (ImageNet Benchmark) by using only Convolutional Neural Networks.

Predictive Analytics

It isn’t new to trend charts, but it’s worth coming back to in 2022 as predictive analytics tools will continue to be a game-changer across industries.

If we talk about efficiency, predictive analytics plays a crucial role in data analysis and data lake consolidation. Therefore, it will be at the forefront of new projects, especially in the IT ecosystem. Also, it will be vital for the advancement of IoT technology and cybersecurity.

Edge Computing and Native Clouds

We are at a time when the need for sovereignty and edge computing has accelerated cloud adoption by companies around the world. As a result, cloud-native platforms will play a critical role next year, accounting for 95% of new digital initiatives three years from now.

Organizations that have already adopted this cloud model have seen them completely transform their business, operational, and governance models. Edge computing is designed to counter cloud centralization and bring real-time capabilities and resources closer to users.

Distributed Enterprises – Technological Trends Marking

Technological Trends Marking

Many companies are still transitioning or adjusting to hybrid working models. The pandemic has forced many to embrace it by force. But the decision to maintain it over time is a movement carry out with criteria and determination. The rise of remote or blended models has seen this distributed work trend gain momentum worldwide.

The benefits of these distributed business models are already evident. With revenue growth projected to be 25% faster than competitors who cling to traditional models.

Low Code Services

We are moving toward the democratization of data and technology. So it was predict that one of the significant-technology trends of 2022 would be low-code facilities. Recently, we have seen skills and innovative tools available to more people.

The lack of skill or knowledge has trigger the popularization of “low-code” solutions, which, together with AI and IoT infrastructures, are increasingly use by companies that do not have a single server. Or their cognitive code. Therefore, these low-code interfaces will gain ground.

Decisional Intelligence – Technological Trends Marking

The so-called “decisional intelligence” gives a practical approach to improving decision-making. Its function is to model each result as a set of processes supported by intelligence and analysis to learn. Inform and also refine those decisions.

It’s the perfect complement to support human decisions and automate them through advanced analytics, simulations, and artificial intelligence.

Total Experience (Tx)

The total experience is a business strategy that integrates employee, customer, user experience, and, as a novelty, multi-touchpoint multi-experience.

The main feature of Total Experience is that it further promotes trust, satisfaction, loyalty. And promotion of customers and employees and offers Total Experience Management. This combination of all the “X’s” will highlight the potential to improve business results and accelerate growth.


Knowledge of technology trends as a skill refers to understanding technology becoming popular recently and readily accepted in the market or industry. It also contains the ability to recognize and understand the usefulness of such technology for business success.

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