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Social IRL Maus Mom AugustPerezTechCrunch: Launched in 2008, Star Jalsha has quickly become one of the most popular and usually watched channels in the region; Star Jalsha is a leading Bengali language general entertainment channel based in Kolkata, India. Offering a wide range of content that demands audiences of all ages and interests.
She has won several awards and praises for its programming and initiatives, including several Bengal Film Journalist’s Association Awards and Star Jalsha Parivar Awards. The channel’s success is a testimony to its commitment to providing high-quality entertainment that appeals to a wide range of viewers. Some of the most popular shows on Star Jalsha include “Kiranmala,” “Phagun Bou,” and “Bojhena Se Bojhena.”

What is Social Irl? How Does it Work?

Social Irl Maus Mom AugustPerezTechCrunch: Social Irl is a new social media platform created to help people connect with others with similar interests. The platform is designed to benefit its users by providing them with a way to connect with others who share their interests. The platform is also designed to help users find new friends and expand their social circles.
It allows its users to create a profile that includes their interests. Once a user has created a profile, they can search for other users with similar interests. The platform also allows users to connect with other users whom they may not know in real life.

How Can I Get Started With Social Irl? Social Irl Maus Mom AugustPerezTechCrunch

Getting start with Social Irl is easy. All you need to do is create a profile and search for other users with similar interests. Once you find someone you would like to connect with, you can send them friend request. Star Jalsha, Apart from other Entertainment Channels.

  1. One of the critical factors that set Star Jalsha apart from other entertainment channels is its assurance of high-quality programming. The channel’s daily soap performances are known for their attractive storyline, well-written script, and talent actor, which have help to build a depend and devote fanbase.
  2. In addition to its regular programming, Star Jalsha also broadcasts some special events and festivals, such as Durga Puja, Diwali, and Poila Baisakh.4.
  3. These events bring together the channel’s viewers for a unique and entertaining experience that is both festive and traditionally rich.
  4. It has also included new technologies to reach a wider audience and participate with its viewers in new and innovative ways. The channel has a strong presence on digital platforms and social media and has launched its digital platform, Hotstar, which offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and live sports events.
  5. Another important aspect of Star Jalsha is its commitment to social responsibility. The channel has been involving in  number of enterprises aim at helping important social and cultural issues, such as education, women’s empowerment, and environmental conservation.
  6. Therefore, these initiatives not only help to raise alertness about these issues but also provide a platform for people to come together and make a positive difference in their communities.

Benefits for Social Irl – Social Irl Maus Mom AugustPerezTechCrunch

The benefits of Social Irl include the ability to connect with others with similar interests, the capability to find new friends, and the ability to increase one’s social circle.

The platform is also design to help users stay related to their friends and family:
• The venue is easy to use and provides its users with some benefits. If you are looking for a way to connect with new people and expand your social circle, then Social Irl is the perfect platform for you
• Shafi said. Today over 30 million chat send on IRL per day. With over billion chat sent to date.
• Startup, which had previously focused on real-world events, could have easily failed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And also which effectively shut down the in-person events industry overnight.
• It instead quickly turned its event discovery app to include practical procedure. In April, IRL altered to the government lockdowns and limits on in-person gatherings by indexing online events. Like live flooded performance, esports events, Zoom parties, and more.
• The change in way, made IRL more reachable because it became the tool that anyone could use, not only those with the time and money to travel and attend real-world events.
• The company now reports over 10 million monthly lively users. And its group messaging feature has been growing at around 30% month. Over month since August.
• As users join for the first time, and they can pick event categories. They’re interest in and find their friend who are already using the service.
• Thus, the IRL TikTok account has been the first to reach over a million followers. But presently, all the events TikTok posts to the site are hand-curate. IRL says it’s working on a deeper integration to help pull in more TikTok content, including top trends.


Star Jalsha is top Bengali language general entertainment channel that has become household name, among the Bengali-speaking audience in India. So, with its focus on  programming, innovative use of technology, and commitment to social responsibility. Also, it has earn the trust and loyalty of its viewer. And continue to be one of the country’s most popular and generally watch TV channel.

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