Rupifi Flipkart India 25m Singh: Rupifi is an online offering platform for business loans. It also offers SME loans, working capital, and more. Loans on credit scores. Somebody can Repayment of loans via credit/debit cards and bank transfers.

It works with more than two dozen business-to-business marketplaces, including Walmart, Flipkart, and Jumbotail, to help their merchant partners, many of whom are mom-and-pop shop workers with working credit capital ranges from ₹10,000 ($135) to ₹10,000,00 ($13,500) Rupees.

As you wanted to know more about Rupifi raises 25 million payment from B2B payment platform in India here the link is given you can follow Rupifi raises B2B.

Rupifi India 25m Singh TechCrunch

Rupifi India 25m Singh Techrunch (1)

  • Business2 business payment offer expands; the rupee has raised $ 25 million in a new   round as an Indian startup that currently provides the method pay later by now service to several marketplaces to serve their merchants looking to expand its business2business payment offer.
  • Tiger Global and Bessemer project partner co-led the 2 yrs old startup’s $25 million financing round. Existing investors Quona capital and Ankur Capital also participated.
  • A category that has made deep inroads globally in recent years, and young firms in India have new investment, especially from high-profile global investors, show appetite many have to buy now, pay later space Rupifi 25msingh TechCrunch.
  • To meaningfully increase their revenue, several industry figures have shown a time shot of working capital enables these dealers, who otherwise run some of the world’s most economically sound businesses.
  • Rupifi’s canvas was of offered day to Buy now and pay. But Jain, who previously worked at American Express and Razor pay, sold his tech platform Study Bud an all-cash deal and said the startup would increase its product offering in the next few months.

Rupifi Flipkart India 25m SinghRupifi Flipkart India 25m SinghAnother product it has started testing is a commercial card. Jain said the card is strategic for small businesses and enterprises that have proven good be behaviorist our BNPL service. They can also use the card anywhere if they don’t join the business. We also had the experience of working with more than a hundred B2B and SaaS founders, said john Curtius from Tiger Global in a statement. We understand that globally, B2B payments are broken and largely. Rupify has demonstrated rapid growth that has proven product leadership. The company strives to improve supplier access to capital in India.

 Flipkart Jumbotail India 25m Singh TechCrunch

Flipkart jumbotail India 25m Singh TechCrunch

  1. Jumbotail raises $ 14.2 million for its wholesale marketplace in India. It is an online wholesale marketplace for grocery and food items.
  2. It has raised an extra $ 14.2 million as the Bangalore- based startup pursues the opportunity to digitalize neighborhood stores in the world’s second-largest internet market.
  3. The five-year-old setup said the new tranche of its series B financing round was led by VII Projects, with involvement from Nutresa, Veronorte, jumbo fund, Klinkert Investment Trust, Peter Crosby Trust, Nexus project Partners, and Discovery projects.
  4. Jumbotail said it attends more than 30,000 neighborhood stores [In India, it is also said as Kiranas] in the country.
  5. The setup also provides working capital to neighborhood stores through partnerships with financial institutions and the business2business marketplace.

Rupifi Flipkart India 25m Singh TechCrunch

Rupifi Flipkart India 25m Singh TechCrunch

A Report by TechCrunch has revealed. B2B payment FinTech Rupifi has raised $25m in a recent funding round co-led by Tiger Global and Bessemer project Partners. Existing nominees Quona Capital and Ankur capital also took part. India-based Rupifi has designed software to update buy now, pay later services on digital B2B platforms. The platform also provides upcoming payment reminders and the user with credit line statements, as found in 2020. Rupifi also works with more than two dozen business2business marketplaces, including Walmart, Flipkart, and Jumbotail, to serve their merchant partners.

The company strives to improve supplier access to capital in India. The funds were from Alteria Capital and angel investor Gokul Rajaram. As part of the deal, Rupifi said it wanted to extend its product reach to help more small businesses operating on a business2business front; Rupifi raised $1m in a debt and equity funding round.

Rupifi 25m Singh TechCrunch

Rupifi 25m Singh TechCrunch (2)

It mostly works with nonbanking financial companies to produce the necessary asset, and also it has provided credit to more than 50,000 sellers. So, the company examine the partner marketplace’s information for its underwriting to determine who should get working capital and how much.

The setup told TechCrunch that the new tranche concludes its Series B round, which started in 2019 with a tranche of $ 12.7 million. And it ended up raising about $44 million in the series B round. The date has combined about $54 million in equity investment also set up the publication.


We have had the experience of working with more than a hundred B2B. Rupifi examines the partner marketplace’s data for its underwriting, determining who should get working capital and how much. The firm, which generally works with nonbanking financial companies to find essential assets. And also has secured credit for more than 50,000 sellers. Last year, Rupifi joined forces with Flipkart Wholesale on an embedded buy now, pay later (BNPL) project. Micro, small and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) they use Flipkart’s eCommerce platform.

Also we can get to know more about the Flipkart Wholesale partner with Rupifi@ the given link Rupifi TechCrunch.