Its History – Peugeot Pepper Mills

Peugeot Pepper Mills: Peugeot’s story started in the 19th century when the Peugeot brother converted the family’s gristmill into a steel foundry. They began producing award-winning hand tools immediately after opening and produced a diverse range of exceptional quality products, including small appliances, bicycles, and, most notably, automobiles. (Although now operating separately, the Peugeot car company continues to commit to quality and innovation as a Peugeot hallmark).

In 1840 Peugeot created their burr-style coffee grinder and adopted that design to accommodate peppercorn in 1874. The resulting pepper mechanism design still use in every Peugeot pepper mill. Peugeot’s iconic pepper grinding mechanism design often copies but never equals. Today, Peugeot offer six unique spice-specific mechanisms plus an original burr-style coffee grinder. There are no shortcuts: each mechanism is design to get the most out of the spices they intend for. After over 160 years, Peugeot mills and also grinders remain the industry benchmark and have earned their position as the mill of choice in world-class kitchens.

Peugeot Pepper Mills

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Peugeot Paris set the standard for salt and pepper mill. Established in France in 1874, Peugeot has created the highest-quality mills ever since, relied on for their unparalleled craftsmanship, patent grinding system, and iconic shape. With a lifetime guarantee, this is  mill to invest in. Adjustable grind using a knob located on head of mill. The tighter is screwed in, the finer Pepper. A tribute to the charm of the past, the wooden Antique Bistro pepper mill to your home.

Details: 7″H. Olive wood with mineral oil finish. It was made in France.


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A Peugeot Innovation

U’S elect is Peugeot’s patent grind control system for electric and manual grinders. Beyond personal preferences, different stages of the preparation/cooking process and different dishes often call for seasonings of varying sizes. Peugeot now offers the ability to quickly, easily, and also accurately adjust grind settings with its patented u’Select system.

From tastelessly ground pepper or salt to excellent, u’Select offers:

-6 pre-defined level of grind for Pepper or any point in between.

-6 pre-define level grind for salt or any point in between.

  1. Simplicity: turn the ring at the base of the mill and select your grind size. The further you turn the ring,  finer or rougher the grind, depending on the direction turned.
  2. Precision: No risk that grind will change during use.
  3. The right grind: You are assure that with each setting, the grind will be consistent, time after time.

Peugeot Pepper Mill 18cm – Stainless Steel

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Famous worldwide, the Paris model is an certain benchmark for pepper mills. So, enhanced by its black gloss finish, its classic silhouette in wood give it a highly contemporary touch.

This Paris u’Select pepper mill  stylish and also elegant. Its patent unending adjustment system is used for precise selection, from crack to fine, with six possible settings.

Made in France, lifetime guarantee. $94.9.

It’s All About the Mechanism

  • The primary difference between Peugeot and other brands is the spice-specific mechanisms. Peugeot has seven unique spice-specific mechanisms for Pepper, salt, herb and spice, coffee, wet salt, chili pepper, and also nutmeg. So, each spice is one and only one. Each Peugeot grinding mechanism made ideal design and construction from the best material available for its intended use.
  • Peugeot’s Pepper Grinding Mechanism is a two-stage burr-style system. During production, the helix-shaped groove grinding teeth of the pepper mechanism are individually cut before t steel is case harden to make it virtually everlasting. So, the mechanism given a proprietary treatment to provide additional protection against corrosion.
  • In use, the helix- shape groove guides the whole peppercorn through the mechanism to crack, then grind to consistent size by a double row of teeth. This process releases the Pepper’s essential oil, resulting in more flavor and also aroma for dish.
  • The patent mechanism on every Peugeot Pepper mill  widely considered best pepper mechanism available.
  • Peugeot’s Salt Crushing Mechanism features two rib plates which work to fracture and crush rough, dry sea salt to  consistent size. Therefore, the salt grinding mechanism is made of rust-resistant Stainless Steel and is found in every Peugeot Salt Mill.


Peugeot France has a long-standing history in mill manufacturing, now expanded in the wine, coffee, and bakeware sectors. Hence, their mission is to provide food enthusiasts with the tools to rediscover the art of cooking and drinking, helping them have the best experience possible thanks to reliable and high-quality products. Explore the range at The Homeware Outlet and enjoy a discount of up to 60%.