Movies Netnaija – 2023: Initially, we all recognized Netnaija’s URL to be, but they had to make some change to their URL due to some issues. To access the site, you must do that using

Although this might seem complicated, Netnaija enabled users to access the main page using the old URL ( So, if you enter on your web browser search bar, you will be redirected to It is beneficial to the masses visiting the site every day.

Movies Netnaija

Movies Netnaija

The best thing about Netnaija is that they offer all categories of movies for download. Nothing is left out. The site would not let you download when it comes to film, and below I will be giving you some movies you can get your hands on. They include:

  • Horror Movies
  • Thrillers Movies
  • Sci-fi Movies
  • Action Movies
  • Scary Movies
  • Adventure Movies

and many more. just anyone you could think of is available on Netnaija

Netnaija Trending Movies – Netnaija Action Movies 

You can now find trending Movies on This section covers all currently trending movies at present. So, it would be nice to list the movies, but they change all time, as one may outrank the other. You can find the list of all the currently trending Movie on Netnaija at

How to Download Movie on

On www netnaija com movie, you can download any movie.

  • Go to Netnaija site,
  • Then click the video link above the page.
  • Select the Movie category, then click on it.
  • Now you will see Movie Select any of your choices.
  • After you have click it, another page will display.
  • Scroll below, and also click the download button below the alternate link.
  • After that, you can now click on “download now,” which has the size of the Movie.

The Movie begins to download immediately.

Netnaija Categories Movies Netnaija

There are a lot of forums on this platform that make you enjoy visiting Netnaija. Here are some below:

  • News: This deals with information about your community, state, or country.
  • Health: This deal with human health and how you can improve your health.
  • Romance: all about relationship and how you can have some advice.
  • Lifestyle: This is all about lifestyle.
  • Gambling: This deal with bets and how you can quickly get help.
  • Religion: It’s all about debate; advice also helps with belief.
  • Entertainment forum where you can be entertaining.
  • Technology forum.
  • Education Forum is about exams and how to learn better quickly.
  • Web/Wap Mater Forum.
  • Finance Forum.
  • Netnaija movie series

These are some categories that are found under Forum feature on Netnaija..

Netnaija Music Video

There is a unit on this web portal where you can find trending music. This link will direct you to page to see trending music videos.

Netnaija Movies

You can download many Action movies on Netnaija (Netnaija Action Movies). You only need to access the Netnaija movie category and then select your Movie. So you can effortlessly search Movie you want to download. Also, you will find the latest movies on the homepage of Netnaija once you visit website.

Netnaija TV Series

The same goes for TV series. There are many TV Series on Netnaija, the latest and the old ones. So, you can access the TV series category or search for TV series you want to download. Therefore, you can also see some latest TV series when you visit the Netnaija homepage.