The best touch screen microwave ovens are there is no better place to place an interactive screen in the kitchen than in front of a microwave where you can do and see the same things that we have in a Google Home, for example.

At CES 2020 in Las Vegas, this Kitchen Hub from GE Appliances was made known to all visitors to the fair which is a declaration of intent, since it converts an appliance with single use, that of cooking, into a whole family entertainment center.

With Android and all its Applications

This Kitchen Hub from GE Appliances is not small as it incorporates a vast 27-inch touch front panel. So that we can control everything that happens without problems as if it were a giant tablet. Moreover, this is proof that it installs Android 8 (Oreo) and has the Google assistant and all the applications we can use with the mobile OS.

Kitchen Hub Microwave

Kitchen Hub Microwave

Made of stainless steel, it allows us to cook by programming on the screen with an application. That tells us how much we should cook the food or what ingredients to add to prepare a specific dish. As you can see, it is a true luxury that, as if that were not enough, has all the imaginable features of a communications and multimedia center.

How do Touch Screens Work?

Many of us use them routinely and automatically, virtually every hour (or minute, in some cases) that we are awake and in all areas and environments to fulfill the functions of our daily work.

They are Touch Screens

They are available everywhere in our homes at all times. From when we wake up to turn off the alarm clock with the touch of a finger. In the kitchen to turn on the stove or microwave, in the living room with the television, computer. Electronic book or forever in the palm of our hands with the permeating smartphone.

Even outside the home, touch screens are being used more and more in stores and business for purchases and services. Such as in bank ATMs or electronic menus in fast food restaurants. To pay in supermarkets, operate machinery, and even vote in elections. As a result, touch screens revolutionized the world of computers and all other related technologies.

What Microwave to Buy Comparison of Cheap Microwaves

When selecting the participating devices in this comparison. We have considered their price they do not exceed 150 euros, thus adapting to most pockets. Cecotec Precleans 9110 (with an average rating of 8.5 points

The following Aspects have been Access


Its aesthetics, the quality of the materials used, the finish, and particular emphasis has also been place on its dimensions and weight, thinking of all who need to opt for a model with specific characteristics.

Microwave Function

They propose options to heat food, if they have technologies that support this function. How they are handle and if they heat evenly.

Grill Function

Its performance with finishes is more typical of an oven and the results when preparing recipes from scratch.


The materials used in its construction and design are directly related to the ease of cleaning each of these microwaves with a grill.


After consulting with the leading brands about their most advanced model with this cost limit and conducting an exhaustive search in online stores, we finally compared four cheap microwave models.

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