Introduction – To Get Water Out of the Charging Port

To Get Water Out of Charging Port: This is the best way to get water out of the charging port to just wait and let it dry. You can also try to knock the water out by tapping the device against your hand. After tapping the device against your hand with the charging port facing down. It depends on how new your phone is and just how much water it was exposed to; you might get away with continuing to use it while you wait for it to dry also how to get water out of the charging port is given below.

But if your phone got wet, as fully submerge, I would follow these steps to ensure there is no lasting damage:

Instructions – To Get Water Out of the Charging Port

  • Use a Towel to Dry your Phone To Get Water out of the Charging Port (3)

Grab a towel, and dry the entire surface of your phone.

Make sure there is no water visible anywhere outside your cell phone.

Turn Your Phone OFF – To Get Water Out of the Charging Port

  • The next thing you should do whenever an electronic device gets water damage the power it OFF.
  • In most cases, it’s not the water that kills the device; it’s the device shorting out because water is on the device while an electric charge is present!
  • y shutting your phone off, you greatly reduce this risk.
  • Remove SIM Card (and battery, if possible)To Get Water out of the Charging Port (2)

SIM A card is a small memory chip in your phone that contains unique information that connects to your mobile network. This same card allows you to use your cell phone to receive calls, send SMS messages, and connect to the internet. SIM cards are made with extremely delicate electronics, so even a little water can ruin them. To remove the SIM card tray, look closely all along the sides of your phone, and you’ll come across a small cut-out and a pin-sized hole.

Once it is done, take the entire tray, with the SIM card, out of your phone. If water is on the tray or card, gently pat it dry and set aside. Finally, if your phone has a removable battery, take that out. Most phones don’t have batteries you can access, so most of you can skip this step.

  • Firmly Tap Your Phone with Your Palm

It might seem a bit silly, but trust me, it could be the difference between saving your phone. Hold your phone with the charging port facing down, then firmly tap the top of your phone with the palm of your hand to help ease any liquid out of the charging port.

Repeat this process several times. It’s not uncommon to see a full drop of water come out of your charging port after doing this!

Put Your Phone in a Sock and Bow COOL Air into it

This next step will dry your phone in just a few hours, and it shouldn’t cause damage if you do it right.

  • If you have a shop vacuum cleaner, take the hose off the suction side and put it on the exhaust side so that air is being blown OUT of the hose.
  • You can use a hair dryer if you don’t have a shop vac. Just make sure the hair dryer is set to COOL or COLD! Do not use hot air, or you risk damaging your phone.
  • Next, grab an extra tube sock you have lying around and place your phone in it. Next, put the shop vac hose or your hair dryer into the pantyhose and tape them into place.
  • Oh, turn on your vacuum or hair dryer. Your phone will receive nice, consistent blast air and start to dry!
  • Wait about 3 hours and then go ahead and try using your phone again.

NOTE: if you don’t have a shop vac or hair dryer, you can place your phone directly in front of a fan. Cool air moving across your phone is the key. A fan will take much longer, but it’s better than nothing.

6 Ways for getting Water Out of the Charging Pot

1. Shaking Your Phone To Remove Water

First and foremost, once your iPhone contacts water or an alert pops up to notify you how much water damage is, quickly disconnect all connections and power off the phone to prevent any short circuits. You should open up the phone to remove the battery if you can.

Next, you hold your iPhone upright with the Lightning connector facing down and tap it gently against your hand so that gravity can stop the water from going further inside your phone and allow excess liquid to fall off. It is the first and easiest step to getting water from iPhone charging port.

2. Exposure to Air & Sunlight

It is a known fact that sun and heat generally are suitable for evaporation. If your phone has a water problem, you can leave it open for fresh air to blow into and dry it up. Additionally, sunlight can also help to dry out the water content. However, one must be careful with this method as prolonged sun exposure can permanently damage your phone components like the battery, screen, and small circuit board.

3. Using Your Cooling Fan

Secondly, you could help the drying process run faster by placing the affected iPhone in front of a cooling fan or dry area with enough airflow. After you have shaken some moisture off the phone, you can place the phone distance away and in front of a fan blowing cool air to achieve maximum effectiveness and faster dryness. Be sure to put it so that the fan blows diagonally into the Lightning connector. But then, be cautious about the fan’s speed so that you don’t blow water particles further into the phone. Doing this will help the drying process.

4. The Use Of Silica Gel – To Get Water Out of the Charging Port

One way to absorb moisture other than rice is by using silica gel. Believe it or not, Silica Gel is a good moisture absorber. You must also have packets of silica gel inside bags or shoe boxes that you buy. These little silica gel packets are for other reasons to absorb all the moisture and ensure that your bag, cloth, shoe, etc., are kept safe and not damaged due to humidity. For your information, silica is a special desiccant that absorbs moisture and helps keep humidity to the barest minimum.

For their great absorbing ability, Silica gel packets can help dry out damp iPhones. To do this, you only have to place your affected iPhone and several silica packets in a tight-fitting bowl with a good kid and cover it. Then allow the silica gel to work and dry out your iPhone in a few days. The waiting period is not usually long it shouldn’t take more than three days at worst, depending on the condition of your iPhone. So if you find yourself in a water damage situation and have silica gel, it would be very handy. Just try using them.

5. The Use of Rice (Not Uncooked White Rice)

To Get Water out of the Charging Port (1)

As advised to use dry silica gel, rice may also be a little effective for removing water from the iPhone charging port. Unlike most people believe, uncooked white rice may not be ideal for such phone rescue operations because it performs poorly as a drying agent. However, couscous instant rice is a good absorbent, implying that it can help damage iPhones to some extent. You only need to power off your iPhone and submerge inside the rice.

Ensure that is completely immersed within a bowl of rice and leave it for some time, maybe a day or two, depending on how wet it is, and the rice will induce dryness by absorbing all the moisture left in the phone. Some people believe this method is nothing but luck, and however, other believe that this method work. Even though this method might be controversial, it would still number among the DIY solution for fixing problems of phones damaged by water. Apart from the charging port problems, this rice trick can also solve issues like moisture inside the iPhone camera lens.

6. The Use Of a Hair Dryer/Vacuum Cleaner

Use the hairdryer method, have to turn on the “Cool” setting, and blow at a lesser speed toward the phone, which is slightly slanted. Heat may damage your phone component, so it is not advisable to use the dryer if it does not have a “cool” feature.

On the other hand, using a vacuum hose must be handy to get some water out of your phone’s charging port. To do this, you need to attach a hose to your vacuum cleaner, and then you’re good to go. After securing the vacuum cleaner hose to your phone’s charging port, turn it on and wait while it does sucking. The suction will undoubtedly remove the water from the charging port of your iPhone. Again you have to be careful with the vacuum cleaner’s suction power, so it doesn’t interfere with other phone components.


Believe it or not, the most effective way to dry your phone is to leave it till the moisture evaporates naturally. Usually, the moisture trapped inside the port should evaporate on its own in a few hours. Make sure you keep your device in an upright position where it’s well-ventilated.

As you can see, your phone getting wet isn’t a fun experience. So it’s very important to actively try not to get any liquids near your phone. And if your device doesn’t turn on after it is overflown in water. Then it might have sustained water damage, and you need to take it to a repair shop as soon as possible. The truth is whether your iPhone has an official IP rating. It is not advisable to submerge your iPhone in water because Apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage. If your iPhone has an official IP rating.

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