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Family Law Digital Marketing – Define, Tips, Advantages, And More

What is Family Law Digital Marketing and its Importance?

Family Law Digital Marketing and its Importance: The Family Courts Act of 1984 provides for establishing a Family Court by the State Government in consultation with the High Courts to promote conciliation and secure speedy settlement of marriage and family affair disputes.

A family lawyer can act as an objective third party to a couple that is separating, and they can make sure each person involved in a divorce gets what they need to move on with their life. Hiring an attorney in divorce, child custody, and domestic abuse cases is always a good idea.

What is the Role of Family Law Digital Marketing?

Family Law Digital Marketing: Here, we explain what it is and the functions of lawyers specializing in family law. Find out what knowledge this legal professional must control.

Establishing trust and credibility with potential clients is necessary since it is not the same as buying a pair of pants to put your problems in the hands of a third party (who, in principle, you do not know) so that they work on a solution.

So, having made this little introduction, let’s start:

Specify your goals: Nothing worse than starting to implement Legal Marketing without having your Goals clear. Define your action plan through your goals: do you want to be recognized for your work as a legal writer or researcher? Do you want your firm to gain visibility by resolving complex lawsuits? Would you like to extend the geographical area of your services? Do you want to position yourself as the best lawyer specializing in family law in your region? How much do you aspire to increase your profitability and profits annually?

Having outlined your goals, you are ready to start creating your plan.

Define the Identity of Your Services – Family Law Digital Marketing

Here we return to the point of trust; whether you work as a freelancer or have a firm, it is important to make clear the center of your specialization. A lawyer specializing in a particular subject generates more security in potential clients than a lawyer who pretends to “know everything”.

Identify Your Competition – Family Law Digital Marketing

Do an analysis and study of your competition, and ask yourself which are the self-employed or the most renowned and recognized firms within your region and your niche. It will be very helpful since you will evaluate what works for them.

There is nothing worse for a digital marketing strategy for lawyers than wanting to reach large masses in one go. Identify the area where you can provide service and who will be your ideal target client. The more sectorized your niche is, your strategy will be applicable, and the content generated will be of higher quality and, above all, much more reliable.

Investing in pay per click for law firms is a smart, effective way to drive more traffic to your law firm’s website, get higher quality leads,

Specify the most convenient social network: Identifying your niche will allow you to decide which social networks are most suitable. It is not necessary to have a presence in all of them. Evaluate which networks your target audience uses. It does not matter if you are only in one. The most important thing is strengthening your presence and reaching your potential customers.

Create a Calendar

The organization is a key point for your digital marketing strategy to work. Create a calendar with the publications you will upload weekly, taking into account the best times to post according to the social network you choose.

Do not ignore the statistics:

The metrics and statistics will help you evaluate if your strategy is working for you or if, on the contrary, you should redirect it.

Create a Blog – Family Law Digital Marketing

A blog is a great device. In addition to allowing potential clients to see how prepared you can be in a certain area and how reliable you can be, you also create a database for a list of contacts and generate traffic to your social networks.

When creating the content, ensure the following: Generate valuable content, share useful information for your readers; use quality, copyright-free images; Optimize content through SEO.

Do not Underestimate the Power of Storytelling

Remember that potential clients want to know more about your services, do not leave the human side to one side. Take advantage of your own professional experiences and show that there is a story behind the seriousness and reliability of your firm.

Be Patient – Family Law Digital Marketing

Building your online presence is a job that requires patience. Certain tools are quite useful, such as optimizing content and networking, but the most important thing is to develop an inbound marketing strategy that lasts over time. Good results do not happen overnight.

Tips for Highly Effective Lawyers: Design a Marketing Plan

“Today, digital marketing is essential, and the design and content of the plan

What is a Marketing Plan for a lawyer?

The Agreement describes how the law firm intends to achieve its sales objectives and facilitates and coordinates marketing actions.

It is the tailor-made roadmap for our firm, a map. What must we do at all times to meet our objective?

The plan is usually of annual duration and will be adapted to our needs, which will have to be reviewed periodically based on the results.

II. Advantages of the Marketing Plan

1. Get customers

Without clients, there is no law firm since they are the ones who pay us the fees that allow us to cover all the expenses of our company and obtain benefits.

Of course, we will always have clients without marketing actions, but a good plan will help us get more clients and cases. Few lawyers can say they do not need more clients since they could go to the competition even if they have enough. On the other hand, we can always have better clients than the current ones who are willing to pay better fees.

“A good plan will help us get more clients and cases” (Photo: E&J)

2. Create Relationships

The marketing plan allows us to establish relationships with our target market to convey our message to our potential customers.

We will have people who are our followers and who, in addition to being able to hire us one day if they need to, will also be able to recommend us to their friends, family, co-workers, etc.

3. Transmit the Message Allowing a Specific lawyer to Carry out a Defence Sales

We must know how to specify and transmit the different messages that define our firm and the lawyers that form it, our characteristics and virtues that distinguish us from the competition.

Why is it good to hire us? What are we the best at?

III.  Structure of the Marketing Plan – Family Law Digital Marketing

1. Executive Summary

It will be done at the end once we define the following points of the plan.

2. Analysis of the Situation

a. The Starting Point

What is the starting point at which we find ourselves, and what means do we have?

c. What are Our Strengths and Weaknesses?

  • What are Our Virtues?

Our experience, Specialty, training, team, professional success, and close relationship with a client know us. They recommend teaching at the university, writing in specialized media, or participating in radio or TV programs. Also, we report blogs, carry famous cases, etc.

  • What are Our Flaws?

Perhaps we need more lawyers and administrators to help us serve our clients better. It may be that we should invest more in advertising and digital marketing.

d. Study the Competition

What does our competition do? How? Where? Who are your customers? What are your sales systems?

For example, if we are family lawyers, let’s analyze what other lawyers specializing in family law do. What information do they offer on their websites? What are your average rates? in our region, throughout Spain, or abroad?

e. What is Our Market Niche?

We will know our target clients if we practice for a long time. However, we should periodically check our database because we might discover that a few clients pay us most of our fees while many of our clients take up a lot of our time, and we invoice little with them. Without some of these, we will buy more time for our most profitable defendants.

We must know our clients because even if they are very different from each other, we will surely be able to establish categories among them.

If we are criminals, for example, do we have more defenses or accusations?

What percentage of Spanish and foreign clients do we have in our database?

Who is the ideal client of our firm? It is also important to know the segmentation by age, sex, profession, location, etc.

f. Our Brand

From the beginning of our activity, we will have established our identity and characteristics as lawyers and law firms. Still, it is good to review our brand periodically to improve the image we transmit to the market.

g. My Services

Our services are our Specialty (civil, criminal, commercial, tax, labor, etc.) or things, and within these, the matters in which we can defend and advise our clients. They may be extended or restricted, improved, etc.

3. Statement of the Mission and Objectives

Let’s define short-term and long-term goals.


Specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and limited in time, that is how our objectives should be.

Let’s focus on achieving those goals. We will make better decisions based on the results we obtain trying to achieve those objectives.

An objective could be to reach a certain billing: for example, increase it by 25% for the next year. Another aim could be to open a branch in another city: Valencia or Barcelona, ​​for example.

If we are criminal lawyers, we could be interested in obtaining more cases in the National Court for next year or more defenses for a fiscal crime.

4. Strategies and Actions – Family Law Digital Marketing

Now the time has come to specify the actions to achieve the above objectives. Let’s establish the marketing actions that improve our results.

We will modify these actions according to the results obtained. Let’s do something that makes us different from the competition. What makes me unique in the market, in the profession? Surely we have something special to offer: success stories, famous cases, our doctoral thesis, a book that we have published, articles that we have written and can disseminate, blog posts, etc.

  • El Marketing Digital

Today, digital marketing is essential, and the design and content of our website and content marketing must be highlighted: information on the Internet is a fundamental asset. We can become considered experts in our Specialty due to the influence and confidence we achieve thanks to our articles, blog posts, interventions in the media, etc.

A well-designed Word Press blog with interesting articles and information will give us many readers and also we can spread our publications on social networks and in SEO.

SEO or natural positioning is essential, and we must have good professionals who take the necessary measures and actions.

SEM or paid advertising (pay per click) also makes it easier to quickly obtain clients and cases that interest us: Google AdWords and Facebook Ads are the best-known examples.

On social networks, we can spread our activities, publications, news, videos, photos, events, etc.

Other ways to invest in marketing include Email Marketing, specialized portals, media advertising, informative breakfasts, etc.

  • Marketing in General

Not all marketing has to be paid, and of course, not. We know better than anyone what actions we can carry out and what activities to participate in to make ourselves known and network: attend congresses, and conferences, teach classes, events, celebrations, gatherings, etc.

5. An Action plan

Let’s set an annual calendar with the actions of each month. Let’s allocate a budget to achieve those actions that we have proposed.

6. Evaluation  and Control

We have to monitor and measure our actions and also Let us measure all actions to see how they have benefited our firm and to what extent we have achieved our goals.

Let’s value the actions and also make changes based on the results.

Use: This article is the twenty-first in the Tips for Highly Effective Lawyers series by Luis Romero Santos also you can visit his profile by clicking on this link to see the rest of the content.


For example, personal injury Legal advisor often successfully announces large jury verdicts. The story differs when you are a family law attorney representing your clients in a divorce. They are likely less than enthusiastic about the dollars and cents they may have to pay their future ex-spouse by fully dividing their assets. So, if you’re looking for digital marketing tactics as a family law attorney, then read on.

However, even if you help the same client repeatedly—for example, through two, three, four, or more divorces—it’s still unlikely that those representations will occur months or even years in a row. Instead, there will likely be a time between each performance when you have to find new clients.

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