Introduction – Drinking Games for Couples – 2023

Drinking games for couples are popular worldwide because they help break the boredom of life and build a trigger in the relationship. We have covered some of the best drinking game ideas for couples. And also it can contribute towards making a relationship feel fresh and fun. If you enjoy drinking gatherings as a couple to release stress and relax from time to time, you can make it even more fun and exciting by joining some fun couple’s drinking games

10 Best Fun Drinking Games for Couples

1. Guess the Card

Guess the Card

Card games are fun when you play them with your partner. So, this one is pretty simple. First, as the name suggests, you must guess the card’s color or whether the number is higher or lower than the previous card. Then, you must take a shot if your guess about the color is improper. After that, if your guess about the higher/lower number is wrong, you must remove a piece of clothing. This one is your best bet if you want sexy couples drinking games.

2. Spin the Bottle

Spin the Bottle

The instructions are the same as the typical spin-the-bottle, then with a slight turn. Instead of pointing the bottle at someone, you need to place a handful of objects, such as strawberries, whipped creams, handcuffs, etc. Spin the bottle and take the object at which the bottle stops. So, it would help if you used this to make your partner or entertain them in a fun way. They need to take a shot if they fail to do that. You can take alternate turns. Rest guaranteed that this game will be super. Fun when you use exciting items.

3. Russian Roulette

Make a bunch of shot glasses and fill them with three drinks of the same color. For instance, you can use water, soda, and vinegar. Fill each glass with all three liquids and shuffle them. Divide them between you and your partner. Each person has to take turns drinking. Whoever gets the glass of vinegar will complete a dare given by the other person. For example, if your partner drinks vinegar, they will do as you say. You can ask them to perform a sexy dance or mimic someone.

4. Two Truths and One Lie

If you have just started a relationship, this can be quite a fun game with your partner. It helps you disclose more facts about yourself and learn about your partner. The rules are simple. And also need to tell three things, of which two statements are true and one is a lie. So, your partner has to guess which one is a lie. Whether they guess wrong, they take a sip. Whether they think right, you take a shot. After that, you can also ask your partner to do the same. So, they will ask questions, and you have to guess which are true and which are incorrect. You can also prepare the list of questions ahead so you don’t waste time thinking while playing the game.

5. Simon Says

Simon Says

Let’s repeat this fun game that most of us played in childhood. It’s usually a group game, but two people can play it too. One of you becomes Simon and gives instructions to the other player. You have to start with “Simon says” and the statement. For instance, “Simon says, take off your shoes.” If your partner cannot do what you ask, they must take a shot. You can play this in turns.

6. Never Have I Ever

You may have played this game with your friends. But do you know things get more interesting when your beau is involved? Just the two of you revealing things you have and haven’t done. “Never Have I Ever” never gets boring. It’s another fun game you can play when you have just started a relationship with someone. Frame a sentence like “Never have I ever lied to you.” If your partner takes a shot, that means their answer is yes. Then, you can ask several questions that reveal more about your partner.

7. Find the Spot

If you want to play a romantic couple-drinking game, try Find the Spot. It’s simple. You need to ask a question, like “Which is my sensitive point,” and give them three options. The correct guess means both of you take a shot. A wrong guess means your partner will drink. Knowing intimate details about the person without asking them directly is fun.

8. Charade

You may have played it with your friends, but it gets even more enjoyable with drinks and your partner involved. Prepare chits with any random name (fruits, celebrities, or words) and put them in a bowl. You have to take alternate turns. First, you pick a chit, read the word, and act so your partner can get it right. If they can’t guess, they take a shot.

Another game that you played as kids, Jenga, makes a fantastic drinking game for your partner. Straight up by loading them up, and you have to arrange Jenga blocks. Each player has to remove block from the tower and place it on top to complete the building. You must remove the block carefully, as taking the wrong block out can break the entire building. Also, if the tower falls after you remove a block, you will lose and set up the tower again. So take a shot every time you break the building.

9. Flip, Sip, and Strip

Flip, Sip, and Strip

It is best if you want to play dice-drinking games for couples. So, it would help if you had a dice or a coin. You flip the coin or roll the dice, and your partner has to guess what will show up. Whether if they assume right, you take a shot. If their first guess is wrong, they take the photo. If they guess wrong twice in a row, so, they will have to remove a piece of clothing too. With this naughty couple game, you can make your game night fun and sexy.

10. Drink, Truth, or Dare

It is another classic game that spices up your relationship. You can only play the truth part, where you ask questions, and whoever refuses to answer takes a shot. Or, you can play the dare part only. Both assign a dare to each other and whoever fails to perform will drink.


Playing games together can help bring back the magic in the routine life of a couple. Couples drinking games like “eye stare,” “Jenga,” “never have I ever,” etc. They are fun, engaging, simple, and don’t require a lot of things to play. Play these games to liven up your life and keep the chemistry alive. Many of these games need you to be truthful, so don’t shy away from saying what you feel. Perhaps it will help you get closer to your partner. So, play these romantic games whenever you get bored and fill your day with love and excitement.