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Career Series Mascarenhas TechCrunch: Natasha Mascarenhas is a senior reporter at TechCrunch covering early-stage startups. They were Reporting on the business of Technology startups, project capital funding, and the silicon valley. She also tracks the different networks that play into founder success, from loneliness to clearance. She reported on the same beat for the crunch base news and has headings in Boston globe.

She’s also interested in writing about seed and early-stage startups, and the network increases at the first check; She is an undertaking asset and then a tech reporter at CrunchBase news. San Francisco Chronicle, Boslnno and is arrogantly from New Jersey.

She Writes Stories

She feels that her favorite story ideas came from basic walking around and having a conversation. And the conversation may not go what the story idea ends up being. But something about a turn of phrase or billboard inspires me to pick up a story. She feels her best stories are the ones that were not hitched directly.

Her Thoughts on Pitching

She thinks that TechCrunch is one that’s super tied to one beat so it is a good thing for journalists but probably a hard thing for people pitching. There are people that they specialize in and can see that with the automotive or cybersecurity. But the best way to pitch her, she thinks that right now is something that’s not going to change about her job, she will be reporting on seed early-stage startups and how they work, how they grow, fail, and track the next big companies before they get bigger.

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What are Career Pathways?

Career Pathways


A career pathway is defined as a series of jobs that leads you closer to your career goal and dream in life.

There are Types of career paths ,they are knowledge-based entrepreneur-based, and freelance.

Every kind of career path accommodates a specific set of qualifications that help you to perform your job.

Create a Career path in 6 steps

  1. Determine organization’s needs
  2. Discuss goals with employees don boarding
  3. Identify training needs
  4. Assign employee mentors
  5. Create customized learning programs
  6. Explore other opportunities

Career Series Mascarenhas

Career Series Mascarenhas

This statement series is suitable for anyone who wants to perfect their goals. As toward career success,  she learns how to demonstrate her value and learn leadership coach and series organizer.

These are some series that explore different aspects of successful career development, which are as follows below:

  • By Getting unstuck to reach your career goals
  • Also, Managing your career
  • Strengthening your brand
  • By Overcoming career challenges
  • To Implement your new skills

Developing their Career Series

This series is suited for those who commit to developing their career-related skill and an unrelated role. If you want to achieve the following series, it is ideal. They are as follows:

  1. To Realize potentially
  2. Maximize your career opportunities
  3. Build better relationships at work
  4. Communicate effectively with manners
  5. Overcome procrastination

The early-stage creation was most recently valued at $450 million. Common, which develops tech to let the company manage and gain insights into its online communities. It raises a $ 50 M series B led by Atomico at a $450 M valuation.

Career Series Mascarenhas TechCrunch

Career Series Mascarenhas TechCrunch (7)

Series A to Series B

Finix wants to help companies bring payment handing out setup in-house, compared to costly third-party partnership burdensome “from scratch” mentalities, where startups try to build an API on their own with engineering talent and can cost $2 million to $3 million founded in 2015. Finix’s payment processing infrastructure-as-a-service prepares startups that process over $50 million in dealings per year.

Six Months After Series A, Finix Raises Sequoia-Led $35M Series B Since the $17.5 million Series A, that focus has remained constant. What’s new is that Finix is pushing growth into international markets. Currently, the payment processing company has customers in Costa Rica, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, and the U.K.

Payments organization system Finix has raised a $35 million Series B raising $ 17.5 million just after six month round led by Sequoia Capital. Other investors participated, including Acrew Capital, Bain Capital Ventures, Activant Capital, and Inspired Capital.

Career karma Series Mascarenhas TechCrunch

Career karma Series Mascarenhas TechCrunch

This decision was taken last year, the right side of the company toward working employer by facing career karma. Harris also wrote in an email. ”What’s unclear is how fortune 1000 companies will respond to the macroeconomics environment, and also we need to give ourselves time to work and figure it out. Tech boot camp is a career karmas service that matches employees or professionals.

A last month Bloom Tech, a coding boot camp previously got to know as Lambda School, also cut tech half of the staff’s search of possibility. 2018 by Ruben Harris, Artur Meister, and Timur Meister, is also growing its desire to serve more than bog down Bootcamp students. Over the past few months, Career Karma has seeded a partnership with an employer, making it the latest consumer-focus tech startup to go the employer benefit route as it scales. Harris define his vision as that Career Karma will match employees and also contractors to job training programs in the marketplace it has built over the past few years.

Career 40m Series Mascarenhas TechCrunchCareer 40m Series Mascarenhas TechCrunch (9)

  • Being put in a difficult place, Career Karma’s service of the same employees or professionals boot camps by tech in Last month, BloomTech, a coding boot camp previously known as Lambda School, cut half its staff in pursuing Of Likelihood.
  • During Career Karma’s last cut, Harris highlighted that the layoff and its previously-closed $40 million Series B would cover the startup’s runway to three years.
  • After laying off staff this week, Career Karma has five years of runway.
  • Career Karma conducts layoffs as career 40m series Mascarenhas TechCrunch jobs face a huge stress test.
  • Career Karma announced today that it had raised a $40 million Series B at an hidden estimate value. Top the alongside GV (Google Ventures), Bronze Venture Fund, Stardust, Trousdale Ventures, and also Alumni venture Group.
  • Existing investors also participated in the round, including SoftBank career 40m Career Karma announced today that it had raised a $40 million Series B at an undisclosed valuation.


Natasha Mascarenhas is a reporter, and writer and she also tracks differences in rent that plays onto founder success. As toward career success, she learns how to demonstrate her carrier value and learn leadership coach and series organizer by overcoming career challenges by strengthen the brand and also managing a career, and implementing new skills. The Career series of Natasha was Common, which develops tech to let the company manage and gain insights into its online communities and also It raises a $ 50 M series B led by Atomico at a $450 M valuation.